The No Show Auto Show

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Every year around this time, the car press gathers in New York City at the Javits Center for the New York Auto Show’s press preview days. This being the week in April before the Javits was opened to the public, during which time the car companies hold “reveals” for their latest and soon-to-be-coming stuff, which we car journalists would duly report about.

Well, we used to.

All the car shows have been cancelled on account of weaponized hypochondria, which has become so pathological that millions of people now believe that catching a cold is something abnormal and that the most extreme measures are justified to prevent anyone from ever catching one.

Life must end on account of the sniffles. A cough in public is cause for alarm. The sight of someone’s face incites hysterics. People are running for cover – and demanding that everyone cover their faces – because they are afraid they might catch a cold.

Too bad such people don’t just stay home. And let the rest of us get on with life.

But people are dying! Yes, but probably not you. Almost all people don’t die from this cold, as almost all people do not die from other colds. They get sick, perhaps. But they remain alive after enduring a few days of being sick.

This was considered normal – a part of life – only a little more than a year ago.

Today, the fear of catching a cold has been so pathologized that tens of millions of people are terrified to go out and about without performing various rites. It is like a person who is so pathologically terrified of the rain that he refuses to go outside without a rain coat, even if it is sunny. Who believes that getting wet will kill him and accordingly will do anything to reduce if not eliminate the chance he might get wet – even if it means staying indoors all the time or never going outdoors without a raincoat on.

Which would be ok – sad, but still ok – if it were only applicable to the sufferer. But it isn’t.

The sufferers insist on general suffering.

A press preview of the next year’s new cars is a “superspreader” event, in the argot of the pathological. Notwithstanding that all prior “superspreader” events spread nothing, except perhaps some joy.

For example, the motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota. Thousands dared to show their faces in close proximity to other people’s faces this past summer. But the bodies didn’t stack up, though the rhetoric was very heated up. Until the bodies didn’t materialize – at which point the rhetoric stopped. It is noteworthy that there is never a follow-up to these double-diapered apoplectic outbursts of outrage about the super-spreadiness of such gatherings when the bodies fail to stack up. Just as there is very little coverage of the celebrities who recover from the Deadly Plague, such as Tom Hanks and Bryan Cranston.

Bu we do get “cases” of octogenarians and up who die – as octogenarians and up tend to do – only now the message is that when an octogenarian (usually one with COPD or diabetes or cancer or something else that tends to result in death) dies it is somehow unnatural; i.e., that it is shocking when a diabetic, COPD’d octogenarian dies rather than expected, as used to be the case when most people understood that when people reach octogenarian-hood, their dying is expected and normal, especially when they were already close to death from things besides old age.

What’s abnormal is this business of equating the normal dying of the very elderly and the very sick with a significant threat of death to everyone else.

It probably makes sense for the elderly and very sick to avoid places where they might catch cold, just as it makes sense for those who cannot swim to avoid diving into the deep end of a pool without wearing a life preserver.

But for people who can swim?

It’s analogous to the insipid argument that “speed kills” – and that because a marginally competent, near-sighted old lady with arthritis stands a greater chance of causing an accident everyone must be forced to drive at the same slow pace of the marginally competent, near-sighted old lady with arthritis.

If she can’t competently make a right on red, then no one else may, either – even if they are quite capable of competently performing the maneuver.

This etiology has scaled and now encompasses health. Everyone must not only be presumed to be sick and a spreader of sickness but also as likely to get sick and to die from a sickness that 99.8-something percent of the generally healthy and not-every-elderly population recovers from without the divine intervention of more than over-the-counter meds . . .assuming they even get sick.

If this isn’t halted somehow, it is inevitable that an actual Idiocracy will be born, a land in which even being average is considered exceptional – but also grounds for punishment, for the sake of the hurt feelings of the less-than-average, that average plummeting lower as predictably as the setting of the winter sun.

As for the NY Auto Show: It was fun while it lasted.

Like America.

. . . .

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  1. My In-Laws ran the Portland Roadster Show, probably in the top five custom car events in the nation. Now gone forever due to the new Medical Police State shutdowns. An annual event for 63 years-gone.
    Trump is to blame for allowing these tyrants to operate without challenge.

  2. I don’t know if they req a face diaper or not, I noticed a sign advertising a gun show this weekend in the QuadCities, on the Iowa side. That was nice to see. Thought of your auto show when I saw the sign.

  3. Silly boy, did you not know that along with forcing everyone to pretend they are sick, even if it kills them, they also want to force everyone to stop the genocidal practice of driving as well, to save the children, who happen to be liable for the astronomical debt incurred for the purpose of buying votes. A car show would appear quite high on their hit list.

  4. Does anyone just get “regular” colds and flu anymore, or is it all just presumed “COVID” now? I can’t remember the last time I heard someone mention “catching cold”, and I’ve barely heard anything about flu season this winter.🤔

    • Morning, Chris!

      People now obsess about runny noses, coughs – anything. It must be the ‘Rona! Sound the Alarm! Here’s a true story for you. Good friend of mine has a 13-year-old son. The kid “came into contact” with another kid at school who “tested positive.” My friend’s kid isn’t sick but he is now under a two week mandatory stay-at-home order from his school.

      Keep in mind that in addition to the above idiocy, he’s 13 and so stands almost nil chance of being slumber roomed by the ‘Rona. Playing sports is a greater threat to his physical well-being. This is assuming he even came down with the ‘Rona.

      It’s psychosis.

      • in the UK – even if you so much as sneeze they push to to get a covid test !!! Given they have carried out more covid tests than there are people in this land – its no wonder the cases keep piling up (even though most are “asymptomatic” as they now call a healthy person). Infact in some parts of they country they are going door to door and taking covid tests to keep the cases up!! Soon they will probably be testing your pets (you know theres a new stain that gets your pet too !!)

      • My kids have been quarantined from school several times. Guess how many times they got sick? Yeah, 0. They are excited to get some time off from school when this happens. My 18 year old senior in high school recently got quarantined for double the usual period of time because she was in close contact with 2 people who “tested positive”. The horror!

        I get emails from the schools almost daily alerting me that a new “case” has been discovered in one of the school kids. Immediately deleted. Gotta keep up that fear!

        Around here, there is a significant portion of the population that are not buying it.

    • Chris,

      In the people’s republic of new jersistan you need to ask for flu or strep tests. All tests begin and end with covid and the don’t even bother running the other tests. And i guarantee if you have any flu like symptoms your covid test will come back positive but your flu test will be negative. This is not about a virus anymore this is about pushing a narrative. The one good thing that may come out of the last 11+ months is many people may no longer blindly accept what a doctor tells them without doing their own research.

  5. There’s not much in the way of anything going on in NYC, apart from the new normal being cemented into place. Still no restaurants or entertainment. No tourists. Shops in mid-town open at 10 and close at 5. Ubiquitous face diapers. And The Mutants! The Mutants!

    • Ha,

      Watching the Rangers/bruins game tonight and they just announced that they plan on having 2000 fans inside the garden as of the feb 23 game. What happened to the cases! The cases! I though people had to stay home and afraid? What could have possibly changed in the.last month to allow people to congregate in an arena?

      • Here in Cleveland, they’re allowing about the same number into the Cavaliers basketball games. Supposedly a new “state-of-the-art ventilation system” made it safe enough for the state to grant a “variance”. Not quite sure what that entails, but it’s touted as “the safest place to be in Ohio”. 🤔

      • Well, probably the fact that limiting tickets to 2000 for an 18,000 seat arena makes the elites who can afford the scalped tickets very happy. They can do what you cannot.

        Make money important again!

        • I’m sure they will virtue signal the 1st or 2nd game by having 2000 health care workers who have proven loyal to the party by taking the jab of obedience in attendance. All with their double and tripple face diapers.

          • They can fill the remaining seats with cardboard cutouts of dolts who will pay good money for that privilege (or video images WWE style). Elites and frontline Tiktok dancing nurses in person, cardboard cutouts for the rest.

  6. As long as the local drive-in restaurant stays open, there will be car shows for me to go to. They were about the only regular shows last summer. There are often many cars there even on non-show days.

    I haven’t been to the Chicago Auto Show in years. Used to go yearly, often with my dad and my cousin (who passed away two summers ago). Dad has lost most of his interest in the show as well. It’s gotten expensive too, as parking isn’t free, the food is expensive and terrible and dealers don’t seem to give out as many free admission tickets as they used too. The auto makers don’t seem to put as much effort into them anymore as they are pretty costly for them as well (thank you very little mccormick place).

    Won’t be surprised if they don’t really make much of a comeback. I bet the Detroit show is probably history as it was in trouble even before this all.

    • Meanwhile, I am going to a car show down under in Australia:
      Full of old Chryslers that blew away some of the yank Chryslers that were being made up north.
      This show is being run by ordinary people, not some yahoos that work for car companies or other such entities.
      And one of the big side effects of the conjob scam is that people who once were gung ho on public transport now avoid it. For years the gov’ts of straya were pushing people to use public transport. And they did, until Feb 2020. Car sales in straya are way up on previous years as people avoid the use of public transport.

  7. ‘it is inevitable that an actual Idiocracy will be born’ — EP

    ‘The revolution was,’ as ol’ Garet Garrett used to write. Now the birth of Idiocracy is in the rearview mirror. Any government headed by likes of Joseph R Biden is patently an Idiocracy.

    If the press still used initials as they did with JFK, we could call China Joe the blind JRBil … *sniff, sniff*

    EV fever is a founding myth of Idiocracy:

    Amazon-backed Rivian Automotive Inc may go public as early as September, Bloomberg reported Tuesday.

    The Michigan-based automaker — also backed by Ford — could achieve a valuation of nearly $50 billion or more, people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg.

    This is of course a marketing pitch to relieve legions of low-info dupes (most of whom can’t afford a $75,000 Rivian R1T) of their $1,400 stimmy checks.

    Good luck, ye dog-faced pony soldiers!

  8. “But people are dying! Yes, but probably not you. Almost all people don’t die from this cold, as almost all people do not die from other colds.“

    There’s what I’ve been calling the “Eyewitness News” problem. The eyewitness news format attempted to humanize news stories by interviewing the people involved on camera. This was a hit, especially with the young female demographic desired by advertisers. Soon all news outlets were doing it, and a race was on to get the most emotional responses per story. Awards were given to the most heartbreaking stories.

    We humans have a lot of our brain devoted to empathy. When we see someone getting their finger slammed in a door our brains respond as if it is happening to us. The whole porn industry is built around empathy. When these pathways are exploited for ad dollars or votes bad things happen, as we are witnessing now. Oh, your intellect should be screaming “it’s just a damn chest cold,” but that’s got to get past the empathic amygdaloid brain, now overwhelmed by the images we see on screens (which by definition are exceptional not routine). I see it in shoppers, wearing masks and face shields. Maybe they have a condition that would warrant such action, who knows. But the fear in their eye when they see me is real, as is their imagined threat I pose.

    One positive of the last few years is that people are “cord cutting,” getting rid of the cable and satellite. Unfortunately for now they’re replacing it with Netflix, YouTube and Disney+, but over time they’ll probably get rid of those too. The overnights from the Super Bowl show it was one of the least watched on record. Someday we might look back at the 70 inch TV and laugh. Once you go for 3 months cold turkey there’s a pretty good chance you won’t go back

    • The cardboard “spectators” in the stands are an poignant manifestation of the sad and dangerous lunacy that has overtaken humanity in the wake of this scam during the year that has elapsed since the last Super Bowl.

      The Super Bowl is, of course, one of the quintessential elements of the mass-media hypnosis that has, together with the Public Fool System has been gradually converting most of the population into passive sheeple who will obey even the most ridiculous commands. Sheeple who will even suffocate themselves on command by covering their respiratory apertures. Sheeple who beg to receive an injection of poison to escape the big bad Virus, Sheeple who will commit Atrocities on command.

      These cardboard “spectators” are simply part of the overall media Psyop that has foisted this plandemic- the largest crime by far in all of human history in terms of the number of individual persons affected- on the entire planet. Hell is too good a fate for the architects of this scam.
      Just over one year ago during the 2020 Super Bowl, I could never have imagined this nonsense would paralyze the world population with fear to this degree.

      But, then again, knowing what I do about the role that Fear, the basest of all human emotions, plays in getting people to submit, I’m not at all surprised.

    • Empathy is one of the human virtues, along with others such as sympathy, remorse, charity, guilt, etc., that psychopaths and sociopaths DO NOT HAVE! So, while those of us who are sane do experience empathy, the Psychopaths In Charge do not. Which means empathy, along with our other virtues, are quite effective weapons they can use against the sane. And they know it. And use them.

  9. My SIL’s parents just got the jab the other day. Both pushing 80. I have spoken w/her and my brother in the past about the dangerous effects of the jab and how it is (a) not a vaccine, and (b) not necessary for 99.9% of the population, including (especially?) the elderly.

    When I asked her if they had been sick at all this past year, she said, “No.” She also told me that they are preparing for jab #2, as “that is the one that makes people sick.” Begs the question of why they are doing this at all, but that has been discussed on this forum at length already….

  10. The HUGE Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA, was also cancelled. Attracts 10s of 1000s of participants at $10-$12 a pop just to get in.

    • Gotta keep those people living in fear. So what if a few local resturants and vendors lose their livelihoods and can’t feed their families. We’re talking about a cold virus with a 99.9% survival rate here! We can’t be letting people decide for themselves if the risks are low enough to get back to normalcy. That decision is left solely to your benevolent “betters” in the govt. Now put on your face diaper, and run away in fear before they muster up some agws to beat you for your insolence.

  11. Idiocracy is becoming one of my favorites. I’m afraid it didn’t take hundreds of years. Only 20.

    “You need a face covering” is just as mindlessly stupid as “but it’s got electrolytes – it’s got what plants crave.”

    • I rewatched Idiocracy in 2018 with my fiancee who’d never seen it before, telling her it was soooooo funny.

      It was a whole lot more “true” in 2018 than in 2007 when I first watched it. And a whole lot less funny.

      • Indeed, Michael –

        Also reading dystopian classics such as 1984 and Brave New World. Both cut too close to the bone nowadays. I am not a huge fan of Mike Adams – his recent coverage of the “kraken” that never came annoyed me – but he wrote an interesting piece the other day about half or more of the population now being clinically deranged, am argument I’ve also been making for awhile. He meant this seriously, not insultingly. People are literally crazy and such people cannot be reasoned with but only contained and perhaps treated. It is like having a mumbling/yelling schizophrenic person for a next-door neighbor. What do you do about this? Now scale it up to an entire nation…

        • They are insane- they’ve been fed massive doses of psychoactive poison via electronic media. If they get off it, they will likely come back, but the process is going to be one of extended detox. Electronic media, social and otherwise, is the most dangerous drug the human race has ever ingested.

          I’ve dealt with heroin users/addicts. Most of them are fairly sane and often you cannot easily spot a high functioning user. Media propaganda, though is designed to deliberately scramble the mental circuitry.

          • I agree, Ernie –

            Anecdotally, all the people I know who are reasonable – people capable of a thoughtful give-and-take (not that they necessarily agree with you or you with them, but each is capable of receiving and considering what the other has to say and responding with facts and logic) are all not TeeVee addicts.

            Diaper wearing correlates very closely with time spent watching – and listening.

  12. Not going to miss auto shows myself. I can’t remember the last new, non-exotic, car that I felt excited about seeing. Even the exotics are only mildly interesting as I will never own one.

    It is more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow. Especially when ‘driving’ is becoming much like being a passenger.

    • Indeed, taken to extremes, driving a model T wide open at 45 mph is a thrilling adventure- If you’ve never done it I cannot explain. I prefer my open topped antiques for this very reason. It is an experience, mastering the machine, not a chore or something you have to do.

  13. Is anyone following the draconian rules in the UK? apparently we cant leave without government permission now !! Its becoming more and more like north korea by the day… apparently we need a second jab in autumn to keep us safe !!

    • As in leave the UK, or leave your house?

      Also, a “second jab” as in a third and forth jab, because 2 doses are “necessary”?

      I’m viewing UK data, which shows “The Cases! The Cases!” have decreased precipitously, as in other areas.

      • Cant leave the country. Like East Germany back in the day. Well so far. but they keep making up new rules by the hour – so maybe thats changed.

        the reason cases ever spiked in the UK was that we are testing by far more than any nation on earth (well any nation with more then a 10m population. More covid tests have been carried out here than there are people ! Infact they are going door to door in parts of the country handing out free tests !! The only time you cant get a free test is when you need it to travel, in which case you need to pay for it. Soon they will be testing cats and dogs as well to keep the cases up… And funnily enough – wherever people are getting about with life without caring about the bug – there suddenly appears a new variant of the virus there which is deadlier than before and well we cant travel there at all and anyone from there cant enter at all !

        And lets not get into how dodgy the cycle thresholds are for these tests….

        • Ah, yes. The variants.

          Anyone with any knowledge of immunology whatsoever will tell you that a virus is likely to become more communicable and LESS deadly through a little evolution as time progresses. This is because MORE deadly viruses have this horrible habit of debilitating their hosts, who don’t mill about infecting other people. But the media sure has a terrible time conveying this general fact.

          Just like they and their “experts” also seem to have a terrible time understanding that the length of time someone has antibodies in their blood is not indicative of how long they will be immune. All organisms conserve resources and energy, and don’t generally produce useless items. Memory B and T-cells stay present in the body, being activated once a known pathogen comes along. But you wouldn’t know it from the fear-mongering press.

          • I’ve been avidly explaining on every forum I visit that natural selection is a real thing, and viruses are not excluded from it. The most successful parasite spreads easily and DOES NOT KILL ITS HOST. Whether it pleases the Psychopaths In Charge or not, this is why viruses disappear. I find no record of any virus being contained once it reaches the general population. We either become immune, or we all die, or the virus weakens. Since we are still here, it appears that “we all die” NEVER happens. They can be contained in a small area, as Ebola has been, but once they reach a large area with a large population, it simply doesn’t work.

  14. I prefer car shows with mid 70’s cars as the “newest models”. Looking forward to attending more shows this spring/summer. Last year they were few and far between, but I have hope for this year.

  15. In an attempt to avoid the informational echo chamber effect, I try to read the shrillest MSM/establishment/globalist/leftist agitprop I can find. Lo and behold, it appears that CNBC has today fleshed out, in its own despicable way, its definition of the non-left (from a caption in the following link):

    “Small-government groups, supporters of President Donald Trump, anti-vaccine advocates, gun rights backers and supporters of right-wing causes have united behind a deep suspicion of efforts to shut down daily life to slow the spread of the coronavirus.”

    That’s a pretty good size opposition group if you ask me. If you can stomach the dishonest and despicable headline to read further, they seem to acknowledge the info-war is on and even they, with full control of the majority of social medias and MSM/legacy media mouthpieces, don’t believe that they’re winning.

    Keep it up Eric. Your work here is not in vain.

    • “We’re in a tough spot,” said Daniel Salmon, director of the Institute for Vaccine Safety at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. “A substantial proportion of the population thinks that Covid isn’t really a big deal and it’s kind of a hoax and the numbers are being, you know, overblown and doctors are making money by diagnosing Covid and calling deaths.”

      “I mean, that’s obviously ridiculous. It is not true,” said Salmon, who oversaw the federal vaccine safety monitoring program during H1N1. “But that’s what maybe a third of the population thinks.”

      Haha, poor political hacks, facing an uphill battle to try to convince “a substantial proportion of the population” that government has your best interests at heart. They control all of major media and Hollywood, and yet they still can’t get us to submit to their lies. Poor bastards…

      • But that’s what maybe a third of the population thinks.”

        My educated guess is its more than 1/3 that think this is all bs about an overblown cold virus. Probably 50% or more. Many are still willing to diaper to not be hassled but that may not remain the case much longer.

        And why would we think the numbers are being overblown? What could possibly cause us to question the narrative? Lets list just a few here;
        1. Brix stating that people who die of other underlying diseases like cancer but test positive for corona are counted in the corona death count.
        2. Unused hospital ship, unused army medical facilities in the javits center and other locations seeing almost no patients durring what we were told was the worst of the plandemic.
        3. Supposedly overwhelmed, overworked medical staffs having the time and energy to create,coordinate, and execute tic tok dance routines.
        4.blm and pantifa riots being given pases by the same “medical professionals” that had scolded people in other states protesting lockdowns.
        5.who and cdc immediately changing the definition of what a positive case was the second the child sniffer was made president select thereby dramatically lowering the number of new cases almost immediately.

        I could sit here all day and name more. These justnstuck out for me as some of the more obvious and egregious.

        • I have heard/noticed–between my own personal experience and others’–that, at factories (auto industry), diaper compliance is getting to be pretty desultory. i have seen a few bare faces, and a lot of noses out, at other locations. No one seems to give a hoot. Even at my home factory (where the corporate jackboots are still in charge), I see a few more people daring to stick a nose over the top or pausing to “adjust” for a couple seconds. There are a very small number of double-diaperers, but I could count those on one hand. It ain’t over…but it ain’t what it was 9 months ago, either.

      • And their way of “convincing” people is to first insult them by saying “it’s obviously ridiculous.”

        If that doesn’t work, point the government’s guns at them.

        Hey order followers, STOP following immoral orders. Show some true courage by deciding for yourself what’s right and wrong rather than a paid robot that just follows orders.

      • Also notice how as the dawn of truth starts breaking for the average joe the PTB doubles down – new “variants” that are deadly, gotta double mask, etc. What a complete crock; it’s just getting the sheeple groomed for Big Pharma’s income stream. Gonna need a shot every year forever, the virus mutates doncha know! The only shot I’ll get will be lead if ever they come for me.

  16. Breaks my cold dead heart, I used to go twice every year and now, it’s cancelled cause of the Kung Flu and the Globalist Dick-takers who get off on the fact they can “Control” the masses.

    Can’t wait for all this Bullshit to end, tired of life being upended cause these chode munchers are high off their own bullshit, something has to be done about all them, remind them they’re basically meant to clean our shoes and bow to the people rather than pretend to be aristocrats when they’re just glorified peons.

    • Indeed, Zane…

      I have attended these press preview events for years – since the ’90s. I doubt I will ever attend another. Even if they allow people to go, I am certain it will be conditional on wearing the Rag – and even upon receiving the Jab.

      PS: Something weird is going on with Gab. I cannot log in on my desktop but I can using my laptop. However, even then, I cannot post anything. Are others having issues? I’m getting ready to give up on Gab. I just don’t have the time or patience to spare for this idiocy anymore.

      • I get on it on a kindle and have few problems, although it was bad at first. I see your posts on there BTW.
        They are having growing pains for sure. I want to support it because it’s needed. I first signed on to Facebook 12 years ago and it has changed quite a bit since then. (I remember a site called “Did I piss you off?” that actually posted a photo of a girl performing an oral act on a dog. That wouldn’t fly now on there.)
        Gab will evolve too, hopefully in good ways. I am excited to be on there as it takes off and am trying to be patient. Of course, my income doesn’t depend on my social media access and availability, so I can understand why people don’t have the patience.
        It is helping me through Facebook withdrawal. I can post comments on articles and other posts and read news sites that aren’t mainstream, which was what I enjoyed about Facebook. I really didn’t care about friends on there, who never posted much interesting anyway, but I’ve left them behind on Facebook.
        As of now, everyone I’ve interacted with on Gab has been polite, even people who disagree with what I wrote. They address the issue raised but there’s no “your (sic) an idiot”… I guess because there aren’t any liberals there, maybe?
        There’s a lot of Christian stuff on there, which ain’t my thang, but as long as I can scroll by it and still find things that do interest me, I’ll stick with it for now.

        • Thanks, Amy –

          And, yeah, I will be patient with Gab. I was able to get on yesterday and posted a few new links; left a few comments, etc. Being able to freely comment is critically important at this moment in time especially. I will continue to do what I can to support Gab!


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