Intelligently Assisted

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Well, it’s no longer just “assistance.” 

As in Intelligent Speed Limit Assist. Which is now something more. And every new car comes equipped with it.

Or soon will.

The “technology” – as these things are styled – was introduced, predictably, as a gentle reminder; you’re driving faster than whatever the posted limits says you may. Perhaps you weren’t paying attention. You are doing 60 in a 55 and so susceptible to being “pulled over” – that is, forced to stop by the threat of murderous violence if you do not – and then issued a “ticket,” the insipid-sounding euphemism given to the extortion-demand note handed to you by the armed government worker (AGW) who “pulled you over.”

 A little speed limit icon in the car’s instrument cluster – made to look like a little speed limit road sign – flashes red . . .  to “assist” you. To let you know you are “speeding” – the term used by AGWs to justify the “pulling over” and handing-over of the extortion-demand note. 

The helpful little icon returns to white when you throttle back. 

Now the throttling-back is done for you.

If the car registers any “speeding,” it cuts fuel to the the engine so as to reduce your speed if you don’t. The driver will receive “haptic, audio and visual warnings” until he drives within the limit. Haptic refers to physical jolts of some kind administered by the car, such as a vibrating steering wheel or the gas pedal pushing back against the driver’s foot – in the manner of a schoolmarm applying the ruler to an unruly child’s knuckles.    

First in Europe – to be followed inevitably, here.

Over there, it’s just been “mandated” – that ugly term for you must accept/obey. Partially in the name of the usual excuse, i.e., to prevent the “climate” from “changing.” The argument is that by throttling back, less gas is burned and thus, “emitted.”

And thereby, the “climate” is less “changed.” The variant of “stop the spread.”

Interestingly, the argument is also applied to what are styled “zero emissions” electric cars, which do not get an exemption – notwithstanding they “emit” nothing, irrespective of the speed they are driven.

Non-electric cars emit almost nothing, too – but that fact doesn’t carry any more weight than the fact that a “vaccine” which does not prevent the Injected from getting or giving the sickness ostensibly “vaccinated” against isn’t a vaccine.

What does matter is making driving increasingly pointless – as well as aggravating – by continually whittling away at the driver’s discretion/ability to control his car. Once it is thoroughly controlled by electronica, it becomes “his” car only in the sense that he was stupid enough to pay for the thing. It has become not unlike a house that he’s only allowed to enter when the owner says he may, that decides whether (and when) he may use the air conditioner or TV – and so on. Yet he is still expected to pay the monthly mortgage and deal with the hassles of being a homeowner – such as taking care of/maintaining the home, at his expense. Without the former perks of it being his home.

The idea being – as regards cars – to nudge the driver toward giving up on driving (and owning a car) altogether. Why bother with it? Why not just let the government – and the corporations that have become indistinguishable from the government, except as regards being subject to occasional, controlled elections – drive?

And, own.

Give up the car in the garage for the app on your phone! And the endless debit applied to your account.

The next step is already in process, too – and not in Europe. Right here. In Washington. The Biden Thing who lives there has decreed that beginning with the 2026 model year, every new car sold must be fitted with a “kill switch,” i.e., must be operable only at the sufferance of the government (and thanks to the corporations who will happily install the “technology” to make it so).

“Speeding” won’t be just illegal. It will become impossible. And the government will have the ability to prevent your next new car from moving, at all – at its pleasure.

It does not take a prophet to see where this is all headed.

Actually, it all began – a long time ago. When being free to travel by car – by any means you liked – became a privilege rather than a right, as it had previously been regarded. Once this was allowed to happen, everything else that has happened followed as inevitably and certainly as death follows old age.

If you do not have a right to travel – if driving is a mere privilege – then that privilege is subject to the conditions set forth by whomever grants the privilege. And it can be rescinded at any time.

At first the conditions are mild and seemingly innocuous. Wear a seat belt.

They become less and less so as time passes.

Stop! There’s a “sobriety checkpoint” ahead – at which you are obliged to prove you aren’t “drunk,” in the absence of the slightest reason to believe you might be.

And now, Intelligent Speed Limit Assist and Kill Switches. Don’t be surprised.

You ought to have seen them coming.

. . .

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  1. Diesel was priced at $4.99 last week, then yesterday the price became 5.49 USD per gallon.

    Demand destruction taking place as the world is moving through space at 18.5 miles per second.

    CH₄ + 2O₂ + some spark -> CO₂ + H₂O + heat

    Since the air is 78 percent nitrogen, there will be a few NOₓ molecules in the emissions, can’t be avoided. Doesn’t matter the carbon source, wood, hydrocarbons in coal, hydrocarbons in crude oil, all will burn and the formula will be the same.

    Burning ethanol requires your stomach, not your gas tank. lol

    What do you want to go anywhere for? Don’t really need personal transportation that obviously wastes hydrocarbons and it’ll be all your fault.

    You are selfish and greedy to own an automobile, have to ration everything you do, regulate your life, not just resources and commodities. Ban personal transportation like the Spark, don’t need them anymore, just a waste of resources. Ban Teslas, any automobile that uses electricity for mobility, any vehicle used for private use can no longer be manufactured.

    Climate lockdowns will become a reality. Stay right where you are and don’t ask any questions. It’s the new rule, you can’t have in your possession any privately owned internal combustion vehicle. You can rent a daily us EV when we say you can.

    We in government do know better and will impose individual sanctions, not just other nations who refuse to behave on the world stage. You are targeted says the all knowing tyrants in charge who will make up new rules as time goes by. Be happy you’re still breathing.

    It has all been planned for quite sometime now, you just don’t leave Afghanistan and go home, drop what you’re doing and everything behind to be plundered. It’s all in the plan, Stan.

    The solution is to price fuels at higher prices to drive consumers out of the market, can’t afford to buy gas anymore, that will just be too bad. You can have an e-bike, a bicycle or big trike, but you won’t be driving an ICE automobile ever again. Get on the bus, Gus. Harumph!

    You’ll be broke and in need of a handout all because you refused to abide by the rules.

    Obey. Really is all you need to know. Stop thinking and stop reading. har

    • drumph: “Stay right where you are and don’t ask any questions.”

      Nope—they’re not going to let you stay put, either. They’re accelerating the one-way ratchet of rent/”property value”/property tax in order to symstematically dispossess everyone in careful, graduated waves. Blackstone is buying up huge swathes of residential real estate at way above asking-price, specifically to hold it and not sell it, so that those forced out of their homes can’t find or afford anywhere new to stay. More and more formerly middle-class people are being evicted on one month’s notice, despite being model tenants, because Blackstone is making huge offers on the properties, using money given to them from taxpayers with the CARES Act, etc. These newly-evicted are not schizos and drug addicts, but normal working people facing homelessness for the first time in their lives in middle age.

      I highly recommend this very up-to-date documentary on the issue by Melissa Dykes (aka “Truthstream Media”), This Is a Housing Crisis:

      Basically, the agenda is to dispossess everybody (only card-carrying Technocracy Party members excepted). How long any given person holds on to a roof over his head is a function of how far they’ve lived beneath their means up to this point. But it’s a fully automated process already underway, and everyone will eventually fall into penury, homelessness, and the cold squalor of the street. (Young people won’t even be able to get started.) Once full dispossession is complete, food and shelter will be provided by the government on the conditions that you undergo pseudo-medical experimentation and do whatever work the government sees fit to demand in exchange for digital token-scrip (Central Bank Digital Currency, or “CBDC”). The CBDC will be programmed as to what it can purchase, and will have an expiration date so that nobody can “hoard” (save) it. Everyone over (say) forty will then be worked and injected to death. Anyone younger will be steadily modified and bio-engineered into compatibility with the spatial web Internet of Humans. Once all consciousness on Earth is merged into the Hive, the real work of the Machine will begin…

      • There is one alternative, buy a boat and anchor it, no rent, a sailboat is better, fuel cost is zero, 40 to 50 foot boat and up, go anywhere in the world, free food too, fish is available.

      • In one movie when you turned forty, you jumped into an incinerator, then could be turned into soylent green, with depolymerization you can be turned into diesel, etc..

        globalist/communist/.0001% planned future
        for the few remaining useless eaters, after their 7 billion cull.

        turning people into appliances plugged into an all-seeing internet, more transhuman robots than people, dutifully following orders but unable to produce anything beyond what is programmed into their quantum microchips, bereft of the sparks of inquiry, innovation and joy in a electric panopticon that’s sterile and joyless, you are better off dead.

        they implant an operating system in you and connect you to the grid, they also connect an AI robot to the grid, this is so you can train the robot to do your job. you won’t be needed then = soylent green.

        the elite nobility/bankster/who/.0001% always see themselves as altruistic, the reality is they are satanists, monsters. (they believe in slavery, eugenics, transhumanism, fake science).

        globalist/nwo/who cabal who is in it? the banksters, .0001% billionaires and their huge corporations, big tech, big pharma, big oil, big media (all the media, facebook, google, twitter), big banks, etc, china was chosen to lead it. a satanic occult death cult, run by satanists.

        the dissenting and disenfranchised will find themselves branded as “terrorists”, gathered up into the box cars, and shipped away to be disappeared by the millions.

        Clean, efficient, cheap elimination, sustainable and always environmentally friendly. And it will be at that point, in these cramped box cars, within these hot and stinking quarters during that collective silence where time is suspended between repeating clanks of iron on iron and the hypnotic rhythm of the carriage roll, it is here where “of the people” will ponder upon why they did not wake up, why they did not wise up, and why they did not rise up.

        And so these thoughts go, box car after box car, train after train, day after day. And as the trains slow into the camps, “of the People” will finally experience the epiphany of just how few individuals there were who ruled over the world, but will also discover too late just how few bu…ll,,,,,ets would have fixed things early, how little blood need be shed to derail this Road to Zero.

  2. If there are any freedoms you currently enjoy, bet your ass there are government parasites working diligently to find a way to curtail those freedoms.

    When the terrsts attacked on nahnleven, and people asked the government why it happened, the chimp responded with “THEY hate you for your freedom!”

    For once, a politician told the truth. The perpetrators of nahleven do hate you for your freedom. He just lied about who THEY are. THEY are your government.

    • 9-11 was an INSIDE Job. If Bush 43 didn’t know and was being cynical about it, it’s because he was the perfect STOOGE. I’m fairly sure it was handled by the Mossad; but they simply may have been the “hit men”, not the “Boss” giving the order for the “hit”. That dastardly set of attacks was meant to instill FEAR of “terrorists” in a nation that had, since ’92 or so, been enjoying PEACE. The PTB need this country on a “WAR” footing, even if enemies to fight have to be INVENTED.

    • Until either the Power Modules necessary to run it (yep, even that 25 y.o. truck has some “chips” in it!) give out and you find out no replacements are available, or other parts that up until now you could just make a run to Autozone or buy online at Rock Auto “suddenly” can’t be had, even mundane things like oil and air filters…OR…your state’s DMV makes you jump through hoops to certify that it’ll pass “smog” and/or a “Safety” inspection…or it’s arbitrarily designated as a “gross polluter” and regulated off the roads.

      None of those “reasons” are truly valid, and if they were, the truth is, there just aren’t enough owners of 1997 cars and trucks to make any significant impact. But it’s not the ‘Environment’, or S-A-A-A-A-A-F-T-E-E-E-E, that’s really at issue…it’s CONTROL. Your truck can’t easily be monitored, you’ve presumably long paid it off so you’re not in debt peonage over it, and it uses more fuel than “they” think you should be “allowed” to purchase. Never mind that likely you’re likely a white, heterosexual, male, probably one of them “Christians” too, and they MUST stop your mobility, because YOU are the “threat”…to THEM. Truth be known, since they can’t control you or enslave you, they’d KILL you if they thought they could get away with it!

  3. The USA has been on a slow roll to totalitarianism since 1789. This is just the latest future step. There will be more.

    But just as the old USSR had those who made life bearable by working outside the approved limits, we will also continue to have our modern day bootleggers.

    Eventually when there are so many people engaged in black market activity to circumvent the increasingly ridiculous rules, the govt won’t have the resources to get us all.
    This is a war of attrition.

  4. If I drive 80 mph for 3 hours, I’ve gone 240 miles and my engine produced emissions for three hours. If I drive 240 miles at 60 MPH, I have driven the same distance, yet my car has produced emissions for four hours.

    Help me out here Eric, where’s the savings?

    • Well, I don’t support any automated speed limits, totally against that, but I can answer your question.

      Emissions are related to fuel consumed, and fuel consumed is related to power output multiplied by the time.

      Power required for a car to push through air goes up as the second power of speed, so if going 60mph consumes 1 unit of fuel over time, then going 80mph consumes 1.8 units of fuel over time. Going for 4 hours at 60mph consumes 4 units (4 x 1). Going for 3 hours at 80mph consumes 5.4 units (1.8 x 3). The 1.8 comes from taking (80/60) and raising it to the second power.

      Now, this is greatly simplified, since rolling resistance changes too, and engine efficiency changes with load as well, but the numbers in real life will work out similarly.

      • I understand that, but my vehicle doesn’t get that much better mileage at 60 than it does at 80. I get approximately 22 MPG at 60 MPH and 21.2 – 21.4 at 80 MPH. The difference being I would consume about .6 – .8 gallon more doing 80 MPH for a 240 mile trip. The savings is not there considering it would take an extra hour.

    • That’s an easy one.

      You get substantially better gas mileage at 60 mph so you burn less gas so you “emit” less plant food in the process.

      The correct answer is “yeah, well, what’s it to ya?” and “bugger off”

    • Air resistance and parasitic drag. Maximum efficiency is likely not at 80mph for your particular vehicle and trip details. Every vehicle will have a different maximum efficient speed for the same trip.

      Not at all saying any of this actually matters when one puts the giant flaming ball in the sky next to the Earth in the correct scale. What probably determines future Earth warming is much more clear with such a model.

    • The issue is CONTROL, not Environmental Science.

      It’s akin to the reason for the HOV lane(s) on most metropolitan freeways. These control freaks, in their guise as “urban planners”, “transportation engineers”, or other such BS professions, were all in a “tizzy” about a 3,500 lb. automobile carrying but ONE person. To them, I guess, “Car pooling” seemed like a good idea…it might be, if Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble BOTH worked at George Slate’s gravel pit. But wouldn’t THAT be because Fred and Barney saw the utility of leaving one of their “rides” (caveman foot-powered, of course!) with Wilma and Betty so they “girls” would quit hen-pecking them? Certainly if any bureaucrat from Bedrock tried to IMPOSE a carpooling mandate on the boys, Fred would tell Dino to “Sic ’em”!

      HOV lanes were “sold” as a “common sense” way to relieve traffic congestion. By, in most cases, limiting their hours to the “Commute” times, at least the entire freeway was open at other times. But did this REALLY effect car pooling? NO! Why? Simple: as freeways were built, jobs migrated AWAY from Central Business Districts and/or Industrial areas, to the very suburbs where people lived in the first place! So did working hours become more flexible! Plus, save for a very few areas, most freeways were limited in how many lanes they could be built with, there’s only so much right-of-way and the ability to just condemn land would be met, justly so, with a LOT of resistance! It should have been obvious that the best way to “relive” congestion was simply to open up the damn freeways and let the motorists figure it out for themselves! I can tell you a simple way that I solved it when on a visit to my #2 son in Fort Worth. My sister and her husband also live in McKinney, which is on the other side of the DFW Metroplex. There IS a freeway out of FW that’s almost direct, the “121”, or “SRT” (Sam Rayburn Tollway), but it’s also usually JAMMED, as it does go by DFW Airport. The best way to get between them, though it turns the trip from a fifty-mile each way to seventy miles, but it takes much less time, is to take I-35 to Denton, and US 380 across to McKinney. That’s how bad traffic is in the Metroplex, but at least I could figure it out w/o “hep” (help) from the ‘Gubmint’.

  5. Imagine the road rage this will create.

    Instead of just truckers stuck with their 65mph governor (causing backups when they are trying to slowly pass), it will be ANYBODY driving a new car.

    If anything governors are dangerous and should be banned.

    • ‘Imagine the road rage this will create.’ — richb

      Even now, before the coming ‘speeding’ crackdown, big-rig truckers are paying one thousand Biden bucks for a big tank of diesel. Photographic proof:

      More piquant factoids before cities burn:

      ‘In the past 15 years, the number of refineries on the U.S. east coast has halved to just seven. The closures have reduced the region’s oil processing capacity to just 818,000 barrels per day, down from 1.64 million barrels per day in 2009.’ – Javier Blas, Bloomberg

      ‘Weekly petroleum data from Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) Crude Oil Inventories show East Coast distillate [diesel and fuel oil] inventories are at their lowest ever, dropping to just 22.4 million barrels.’ — ZH

      Gonna be a long, hot summer, folks. Cue up Escape From New York for beach vacation entertainment … or the evening news.

  6. Oh, it’s going to be too funny watching this roll out. There’s a section at the start of the NE extension on the PA turnpike, way up in the Poconos, where you go through a toll booth with a posted Speed Limit 5. Right after you exit the toll booth, the speed limit goes to 70. But there is no sign telling you such for about 1/2 mile. I used to go through that area all the time when I drove a semi, and the truck had “saaaaaafety” equipment on it that gave me a warning when I was going over the posted limit. I made a game out of it: after passing through the toll booth, I’d accelerate as fast as I could (not easy in a loaded semi) to see how much over the posted speed it would think I was going before I hit the sign. Can you just imagine all the warnings or gimping that would take place on that section of highway for that first 1/2 mile? That would be a hoot to watch.

    Then of course there are signs that have fallen down with no speed limit posted on the road, those that have been vandalized (remember the spray-painted Speed Limit 85 from back in the day?), or something I’ve seen in both PA and KY – End Speed Limit 35 – WTF is that supposed to mean? And does the device think the speed limit is still 35, that there’s no limit at all, or what?

    This isn’t going to work.

  7. A great reason to own a Super 7: The ultimate anti nanny state car, no driver assists, air bags, ABS, stability control, etc., only has a computer to run the fuel injection (you can get an older one with carburetors, so no computer). the Prisoner drove a Super 7.

    No need for a 3000 to 4000 lb car this one is only 970 lb. and gets 58.3 mpg.

    Forget about EV’s, build your own, save money

    Caterham 170R
    85 hp, (other models available up to the 620R with 311 hp.)
    0 to 100 (62 mph) 6.9 seconds,
    970 lb,
    58.3 mpg
    It is green: It’s compliant with both Euro 6 and London ULEZ rules, with a CO2 figure of just 109g/km, that is cleaner than a Toyota hybrid.
    970 lb = uses only 20% of the earth’s resources to build compared to a tesla.

    The biggest cost in a car is depreciation (should be the main reason to not buy an EV), Caterham super 7’s hold their value far better then almost any other car (electric cars have horrible steep depreciation).
    Very little depreciation and 58.3 mpg = one of the lowest cost cars to drive.

    The most simple car, wrench on it yourself.

    The best feature: more fun to drive then any other car, at any price.
    A super 7 (a 1957 design by Lotus), is the ultimate driving experience, buy or test drive one, it is a completely different experience.

    The most direct, analog, raw, visceral, unfiltered driving experience, perfect for the hard core driver enthusiasts, they say you don’t drive it you feel it, this is how a car should be, small, light, agile, fast, no frills, mechanical art made to go fast only, no luxury, no doors or roof, some have no windshield, nothing extra, with a 4 cylinder engine about 1200 lb. the closest thing to an old F2 car for the street, very fast,

    You get two cars in one, use it to commute to work, drive it on the track on the weekend.

    If you want a closed car with a roof, buy a 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 the ultimate driver’s car.

    • Get your speed fix in this before speeding it is totally banned…..

      Want a quick analog car with no computers driving the car? Buy an HKT RS Supersport

      Super 7 clone the HKT RS Clubsport, 1500 lb. only $80,000, quicker to 125 mph then a Porsche GT2 RS, which is one of the world’s quickest street legal cars.

      0 to 200 km in seconds

      Porsche gt2 rs 8.3

      caterham 620r 313 hp 10.1

      donkervoort gto 5cyl 370 hp 7.8
      (Super 7 clone)

      HKT Super 7 Audi 1.8 20vt 400 hp 7.5
      (Super 7 clone)

      Ford 427 Cobra 11.2

      tesla plaid 6.3

      Bugatti Chiron 6.3

      mclaren senna 6.8

      c8 corvette 12

      f40 10.4

      Porsche 919 hybrid EVO 4.5

      VW ID R electric race car 5.0

      F1 4.1

      F2 6.6

      F3 7.8

      Donkervoort (a Super 7 clone): nurburgring record lap time 7:13 with an Audi 1.8 20vt 4 cyl. 400 hp. engine had ring record in 2003 and 2004. The Super 7 is quick, like an F3 car for the street.

  8. Cuts fuel to engine if you speed, that is the same as the overboost switch on some of the turbo cars, it turns the fuel pump off, it feels like you ran into a wall.

    This intelligent speed assist might help the resale value of the old analog cars, till they are all banned (soon).

    Who would buy one of these abortions? Buy an 800 hp supercar you can’t speed in? why? selfdriving means that when there is a computer glitch it drives you into the nearest wall,
    haha, thinning the herd.

    • Anonymous The answer from Woke Autos will be that if you take that 800 HP supercar to an approved track, pay for the unlock code and verify you’re in the proper riding togs they’ll let you open up on the track.

      As long as you don’t get too far ahead of the other players.

      Exceptions made for if you are identifying as a woman that day, in the women’s race. Just make sure the blouse buttons are on the wrong side and you’re golden.

    • Another trick with these new computer controlled 600/800/1000 hp super cars is the computer decides how much hp you can actually use, it might only let you use 200 hp to maintain traction and stop you drifting sideways down the road. The next step is not letting you break the speed limits, so most of the time you are only using 200 hp or less, so the high hp is just a marketing gimmic, not useable.

      The answer is to get an old analog car, where you can use 100% of the hp all of the time, the old 911 turbo or the Cobra or Viper were examples, they were called cars that want to kill you, you can use all of the power anytime you want.

      If your supercar only lets you use 200 hp you might as well get an old light, 1200 lb. or 2000 lb car with 200 hp you can use all the time, for example a Super 7 or a 1973 911 Carrera RS.

      • The 1973 911 Carrera RS. was the last non DOT compliant Porsche, that is one of the reasons it is so good, (the government ruins everything), then it all went downhill…….it also has mechanical fuel injection with no computer.

  9. ‘The driver will receive “haptic, audio and visual warnings” until he drives within the limit.’ — eric

    My first encounter with this noxious nanny tech was in a taxi ride from Changi airport into Singapore. A chime went off when the driver exceeded 100 km/h. He gestured with annoyance, but dared not disable it (a crime).

    The tidy socialist state of Singapore is well known for banning chewing gum, as well as legally harassing its tiny opposition parties so they can never win.

    No surprise that the comprehensively controlled, one-party state of Singapore is seen as a model by eurocrats and Demonrats. It’s their dream come true. Now we can share it! /sarc

    • Once had a rental car that was governed not to exceed 70, great fun trying to pass on a two lane highway; would creep at walking speed differential while the dashboard flashed like a pinball machine. Really saaaafe in traffic.

      • Same – tryying to pass on a Georgia two lane blacktop at night and the governor kicked in. Dangerous as shit

  10. if it ever forces speed limit or chimes the whole time that can’t be turned off, it will be my red line.
    I will pay to get it hacked or move, or drive older stuff, whatever it takes.
    The angst of it would shorten my life.

    • Indeed Chris, I recently had to trade off my 06 Miata because of physical infirmity making it hard to drive, and get out of. I traded it for an 05 Accord with 150k miles on it. Needless to say, it does NOT have an internet or cell phone connection. I could afford a newer car with far less miles on it, but it would not serve my purpose of not being nannied.

  11. We see these things coming yet the young people also see them yet think they’re great. My young relatives love the driver assists, (we were saved from a terrible accident when the Subaru braked for us!) look forward to driverless vehicles, enjoy working from home, buying fancy carseats to strap their kiddos in, not needing to drive to work in horrible traffic, 75 vaccines for their babies, thank goodness biden not trump and are adsorbed in Netflix and nonstop texting. They willingly vaxx and boost themselves in order to attend the universities. So i guess the last 70 years of social conditioning were effective.

    • Hi RS,

      Yup; it’s sad – but predictable. One could foresee the results of raising kids to fear cars and obsess about “safety” – as via strapping them in to child “safety” seats all the way through to adolescence. And along the way, instill in them passivity and a reflex to wait to be told what to do by authority. I note here that – as opposed to our childhoods, when kids ran free after school and did what they wanted, largely, on their own initiative, the youf of today are shuttled by helicopter moms from one organized event to another. They have far less actually free time. Most of their waking hours being occupied by school/homework/activities.

      No wonder they’re ready to be completely controlled by keeping them distracted and infantilized.

      • Indeed- if you work with them- I was a mentor for our local school’s robotics program- and over about 10 years as my kids passed through the system (from about 2008 to 2018)- I watched them become less and less able to address or solve problems. They have had the creativity- the very spark of life- beaten out of them.

        I did it not just because it gave our shitty little rural school something other than their perpetually losing sports teams to get behind. And it was sad and sickening to watch the kids become simultaneously more feral (as in respect for civilization and actual freedom) and less human. It’s worse than them losing intelligence- they are losing the joie de vivre- the very spark of life which makes it worth living.

        From what I observed, the yin and the yang are entirely out of balance- everything is run by femmunist women (of both sexes) whose greatest good is physical safety and for whom adventure and intellectual curiosity are anathema. For whom shrieking about something they don’t like is the highest form of expression, and for whom creativity is just a problem.

      • Spot on Eric. A summer camp I used to go to in the 90s cut waterskiing now. Why?

        Muh insurance won’t cover it no mo, the camp said. Non-negotiable. Twats in a sealed-window (triple injected probably) ACed office decides everything now. Everything’s now non-negotiable it seems.

        No matter that the camp had 0 accidents in like 60 years doing waterskiing (using probably much jankier technology and saaaaaafety equipment. Nope, now I guess kids you can paddle around in a canoe, with lifejacket and helmet on, of course.


    • One of the side effects of this RS is cell phone back. Young folks becoming physically deformed hunch backs from staring at their internet tethers all day. Irreversible and painful to look at

  12. The work truck was in the shop last month, so I was in a spare. The spare was set up for installers so it had the GPS tracker, speed limiter and RFID fob. Every time I started it it would beep incessantly for two minutes because I didn’t “log in” with my fob (I don’t have one). I’m sure it was noted somewhere in the bowels of the company reports. But the real fun was on the highway, where the speed limiter is set to 80 MPH. If I was passing one of those wonderful “motorists” who speed up when you try to pass them, I had to keep one eye on the speedometer to make sure I didn’t hit the horrible 80 MPH. As a warning it would start to close the throttle body butterfly at about 77 MPH, causing a hesitation. You have no idea how annoying it can be knowing that there’s an idiot you need to pass but cannot because of your Bergeron’d vehicle.


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