An Unsightly Scene

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Well, the Freaks are back.

I reported a few days ago from a hot spot of sickness psychosis – Earth Fare in Roanoke, VA – that only a few mentally ill people were wearing their uniforms, the thing over their faces that marks them out as pathological hypochondriacs, weaponized. It seemed – it looked – as though most people weren’t having a relapse of their deranged fear of germs and sickness. Only a few weren’t showing their faces.

And now, the reverse.

Just three days after l filed that report I file this one, from the same place – which appears once more to be a hot spot of derangement over a sickness that doesn’t kill 99.8-something percent of the under-70, otherwise healthy population. Nonetheless, the fear of death is once again in the air – no doubt summoned by the even more deranged “coverage” of the sickness that doesn’t kill 99.8-something percent of the otherwise-healthy, under-70 population.

Probably, it is coverage of the no-longer-suppressible fact that the “vaccines”  – as they are styled, but apparently are not – failing to prevent the sickness the germphobes assumed they’d been immunized against. But now we see – and hear and read – that the “vaccinated” are at least testing positive for this sickness or one of its permutations styled “variants.”

Leaving aside for the moment the obvious questions: Does a positive test mean the person is actually sick? How about seriously sick? Or are people freaking out – again – over literally nothing, or maybe nothing more than some temporary aches and pains, a sore throat and the sniffles?

The fact remains: The “vaccinated” are at least testing positive – and in huge numbers and percentages. The “vaccine” – pushed as foolproof or nearly so – is proving to be for fools, who assumed all the risks and got little gain, except perhaps of function.

Reports are that some of the “vaccinated” are more vulnerable to getting sick and perhaps getting sicker than the unvaccinated, who weren’t foolish enough to take the risk of being injected with a dubious substance for the sake of an even more dubious threat.

But rather than draw the sensible conclusion, it appears the “vaccinated” are falling back into their former pathology, the visible symptom of which is that thing worn over their faces – in the manner (and for the same reasons of faith) as the Hijab, worn by the adherents of another faith.

It gives them a sense of community. It makes them feel better. It eases their fears.

But the sight unsettles the unbeliever for the entirely understandable reason that ardent and publicly insisted upon demonstrations of religious faith tend to threaten the unbeliever. He is set apart and more than that, marked as a target of the believers’ indignation. The fanatic believer views the heretic as an affront to his most personally cherished beliefs, upon which he believes the world’s future hangs in balance. It fills him with rage and righteous fury. He itches to convert and if conversion is resisted, to punish – perhaps even to kill.

The more we see of face-effacing, the worse things are becoming – psychologically-speaking. It is the necessary prequel to the sequel – the thing most polls indicate a majority of the country (almost all socialists/communists, i.e., those who identify as “Democrats”)  ardently support, viz – the enforced “vaccination” of the entire population, even to include toddlers.

The “vaccines” aren’t working? The effect is fading? More “vaccinations”! Double-down booster’d “vaccinations, perhaps as often as every six months, perhaps sooner – whatever The Science (that is, the eructation of Dr. Fauci, who – as Judge Dredd is The Law – is The Science)  decrees necessary, endlessly.

It will not matter that people continue to get sick – or test positive – or both. That will happen inevitably because it is impossible to eliminate sickness, or at least a form of respiratory virus that (like the ordinary flu) will be with us, forever – amen.

It does not matter that – like the flu – it will not kill 99.8-something percent of us; that – as has always been the case – such respiratory bugs are principally a serious threat only to the elderly and the already unhealthy. When a country has been hypochondria-ized, everyone (almost) believes they are sick or soon to become sick. They obsess over it; they organize their lives around it.

And they expect – they demand – that everyone else do so as well.

Who could have predicted that an achoo! would trigger the end of the world; that an exaggerated threat has proved to be a more effective threat than actual threats – including a government (and corporations) that regard the population much as Frank Purdue regarded his chickens?

Just put on that rag. You’ll feel better, even if you end up becoming sicker. In mind, certainly. In body, possibly.

. . .

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  1. At this point, I’m really beginning to wonder if the dildos are actually possessed. I mean, how else could one go from “Never trust the government” two years ago, to now viewing them as altruistic gods?

  2. Point of fact:
    The hijab is the Islamic head scarf.
    Niqab is the Islamic face covering (for women).

    When I was a boy, women were required to cover their hair to enter a Roman Catholic church.
    I do not recall if there was an official name for the head covering in English, although I believe in Spanish the word mantilla was used. These were generally made of lace, and were quite decorative, while fulfilling the requirement of religious respect.

  3. Little bit of “good news” in my part of southeastern Michigan there is very little diapering. At the big box stores a few employees wore rags, but off the nose. Today, I hit Home Depot, Meijers, Kroger and the liquor store on the way home. Gotta take my medicine, but it’s voluntary. Very few maskers. I do live in a red part of Michigan, (all but the Detroit Area). Was in upstate NY last week, Elmira/Ithaca. Very few maskers.

  4. A notion I read about, I know not where, many years ago. One of, if not the most critical aspects of governing is not ever allowing the governed to EVER have the slightest notion that rebellion is possible, much less that it might succeed. Whether true or not. Which is why most don’t succeed. They didn’t believe they could to start with.

  5. Hi Eric –

    I spent a week in the hospital about two weeks ago with covid. It started out as a mild fever for about a week, then I thought I was feeling better and then rapidly took a turn for the worse.

    I still do not regret not having the vaccine.

    I knew the risks, I figured I would catch it eventually if I hadn’t already. But I was unlucky and ended up in the hospital. I probably should have sought medical treatment sooner, but that’s about the only thing I regret. I literally see it as bad luck and part of human existence. Stuff happens. There’s nothing special in that regard to covid – illnesses and injuries and untimely deaths happen all the time and I refuse to live my life in fear of it.

    However, rather than respect my choice about the “vaccine” and recognize that – guess what? – I didn’t actually die, many of my extended family members have now expressed very sanctimonious anger at me for being “selfish” and “arrogant”. My brother sent me a very hateful email that my predilection was “entirely preventable” and “thoughtless” towards my family. He also expressed surprised that I wasn’t “humbled more” by my experience. And even more puzzling, many of them are now angry at me that I have declared I still have no intention of getting the shot, especially considering that I now have actual robust acquired natural immunity. It’s like they think I have sinned and need to repent.

    Why would I change my mind about anything? It would be extremely intellectually dishonest for me to change my mind about the potential – and here to date unknown and unknowable – long term dangers of these shots – and similarly, to change my mind that our government has stoked unnecessary and panic and overreaction relative to the risk to society, simply because I myself had a bad personal experience. None of these things are related to whether or not I was hospitalized. It’s all anecdotal thinking and that’s the way mentally weak people operate, with no regard for principle or high truth, just personal experience guided by an appeal to authority. I don’t think I’m being “arrogant”, I think I’m being principled.

    While I appreciate their obvious concern, it actually angers me and saddens me that they are so wedded to their own fear and anxiety that they think it’s appropriate to castigate me for not being faithful enough to the cult of sickness. I could have just as easily ended up in the hospital with a heart attack or stroke or injury of some sort, and yet I very much suspect there wouldn’t be any kind blame assigned in that case… when such a situation could just as easily have been declared “entirely preventable” as well.

    Such are the times we are living in.

    • I suspect you were actually much better off without the toxic shanks onboard.

      If you’re comfortable doing so, can you summarize your age/health status out of curiosity? What did they provide at the hospital?

      The solution seems to be “at risk” people aggressively treating any ILI early with several of the online protocols now widely available (and finding s source for Ivermectin).

      Glad you are well and yes, you now have 17+ years of far more robust immunity that won’t give you strokes/cancer and that enrages BigHarma and their Covidian cult.

      • Yes, I agree, probably better off. When I think about their comments, it does make me a little angry, but I’m also inclined to show them some grace and not hold it against them. They are deathly invested in the covid panic – they very much believe that it’s the worst thing ever – and I can understand how they can think I brought it on myself for not sharing their faith. They bought into the religion and I do not blame them for being unable to see past it and think I’m to blame for tempting the gods.

        As far as myself – I’m in my early 50’s. Overweight but no other conditions. The doctors said I had severe covid pneumonia. On my second day in the hospital I was started on Remdesivir and received three total daily doses. I was also given convalescent plasma on the third day. One of those treatments worked, because by the fourth day the doctors say they saw improvement on my chest x-rays and by the 7th day I was fully off of the supplemental oxygen and able to go home on the 8th day.

        I also suspect that my regime of vitamin D and zinc and other supplements helped my immune system take over as well once the more serious treatments kicked in and started working.

        In the time since I’ve been home, I’ve steadily improved. When I first got home my O2 levels were 90-92 most of the time. Today, they are at 98-99. I still get winded very easily and am not myself, but I feeling like I’m at 90-95% and have no doubt I will eventually fully recover.

        • I’m happy that you’ve mostly recovered, JR. That sounds like a horrible, frightening time. I’ve my battery of supplements and herbals ready for any assault by SARS-CoV-2. I’ll be bombarding it with anything and everything remotely antiviral. I am healthy and of normal weight, but I’m not taking any chances.

          Again, glad you’re getting better and thanks for sharing your experience. And screw the goons giving you trouble. Don’t take any guff from those swine. You have that robust immunity now, and don’t need that damned shot.

    • Interesting anecdote, glad you’re feeling better. Would you care to elaborate on what you considered “a turn for the worse?” Are you implying that, without being hospitalized, you might’ve died? Did you experience symptoms of sickness such as you never had before?

      I remember getting seriously sick with what I assume was the flu in January of 2019. So sick I was having visual and auditory hallucinations and my fever hit like 103/4 before breaking. Laid out for ten days. Then recovered. At one very low point, I considered going to the hospital but decided against it, perhaps cavalierly at the time but for the best in retrospect, due to having to pay cash. I think it’s very possible, with all the 24/7 scare propaganda these days, someone in my position, particularly if “insured”, would probably have gone to the hospital, got “tested”, etc. and become a statistic and talking point for the crazies. I think about that experience often.

      • It was a very minor fever for a week, then no fever for one day. The day after that the fever was back and much higher and I started coughing, which progressed in just a couple of days to being unable to breathe and coughing up blood-flecked phlegm. After 2-3 days of that I thought I was getting better, but then the fever started getting even worse and that’s when I decided to go to the emergency room, which I should probably have done as soon as the coughing started.

        Yes, I have no doubt that I could have died – I think it would have been likely without medical attention. But again, that can be said of almost any medical condition if you don’t seek care soon enough.

        • IANAD, but I wonder why the docs jumped to remdesivir – another “new treatment,” instead of the old standby, antibiotics. Might have saved you some suffering. I remember hearing from a doc that a high fever usually accompanies bacterial infection, and low-grade is associated with “viral illness.”

          Are you allergic to antibiotics?

          • Sorry, I should have mentioned that yes, I also got antibiotics.

            But my understanding is that it’s fairly easy to tell the difference on X-rays between bacterial and viral (covid) pneumonia and the doctors said I had the latter.

            As much as I am skeptical of the medical establishment, I don’t have any reason to believe the doctors in the hospital wouldn’t tell me the truth.

            • Wait, you were treated with antibiotics for viral pneumonia? Seems strange to me. Also, viral pneumonia pre-dates COVID. Medical errors kill 250,000 people a year so one would be prudent to be skeptical of the medical establishment under any circumstance.

              • My understanding is that it’s fairly common to do antibiotics with viral pneumonia got the same reason it is with a severe laceration or wound. There is a possibility of a secondary infection from the injury, so they are trying to preempt that.

                I’m not an anti-medicine person at all, so I’m inclined to give them all the benefit of the doubt with whatever treatments I received. The people on the ground in the hospital itself are mostly good people.

                My gripe is with politicians and the upper levels of the health care establishment who have allowed themselves to be politicized and captured by Big Pharma. They are the ones to blame for this unnecessary panic and overreaction.

                • To me, the mixture of treatments obscures the diagnosis. In my opinion, especially now, that is done on purpose. Read into that what you will.

                  Your statement about blaming the higher ups and pols smacks of the same rationale for supporting the “troops.” If the doctors and nurses and lower level types didn’t play along this sickness psy-op would end tomorrow.

                  • I agree. 100 percent with what you said. If you notice when Trump was in the hospital for COVID, he was given a cocktail of drugs, some related and some not. Doctors and hospital staff are experts at covering their tracks and obscuscating true scientific diagnosis. It is hard to trust them in any circumstance. Sometimes you’re forced to, but it’s always good to note and question anything suspicious. At minimum you can watch them dance around the issue

        • Let me add this –

          I’ve never been a covid “denier” and I’ve never not believed that there was a terrible disease going around that was killing people.

          But I also never believed that the panic was proportionate to the risk, and the extreme overreaction from the government and the media, and I never believed myself – or most other people outside of some very well-defined groups – to be at particularly high risk from it.

          My mistake was not that I wasn’t “careful” about not covid, my mistake was that I waited too long to seek treatment. Had I done so, I would not have been as sick as I ended up being.

          But that has nothing to do with Covid, that could happen with any medical condition.

          • Covid “denier” is a terribly loaded political term. Also, the notion that there is one single terrible disease “going around killing people” is entirely context free and doesn’t hold up under examination. While it’s true that outcomes such as yours might happen with any medical condition, what you have noted experiencing has come with all of the political ramifications of something other than any other medical condition. And that is curious, isn’t it?

        • I appreciate your response and candor. I find it interesting that in your other reply you mentioned the doctors diagnosis of “severe COVID pneumonia.” Sounds similar to the Tom Woods diagnosis although his seemed to be described to him more so as COVID virus concurrent with pneumonia. I know it’s hard when you’re laid out but I would’ve been very curious to ask the docs how they distinguish COVID pneumonia from the regular version. I’ll bet the answer would get circular quickly in terms of isolation of a novel virus followed by results of a PCR test.

    • Hi JR,

      I’m glad yo hear you’re ok, first of all. Second of all, I’m appalled by the vengeful, hateful attitude displayed by the people you mention. There is an element of sadism underlying all of this that’s very unsettling. Also cognitively dissonant. How many would sanction gloating over the news that someone they knew who perhaps smoked was diagnosed with cancer? I myself keep fit but take no pleasure in mocking people who are overweight and who perhaps have health issues as a result. We all have our faults and our weaknesses. So long as no harm was intended toward others, a misfortune that befalls someone is not cause for recrimination but rather, sympathy and expressions of support.

      I have chosen not to get the “vaccine” not for the sake of being argumentative but for what I consider to be valid reasons, applicable to my situation. I’m not old and I’m very fit and so at very low risk of getting seriously sick from this virus; I am unwilling to run the known and real risks of taking the “vaccine.” I know that if – in the unlikely event I do get sick – it will probably run its course without medical intervention, chiefly because I probably have much healthier lungs than most people due to running 4-5 miles every other day. Finally, I am leery of taking any drug that comes with no warranty – and which leaves me no recourse for damages if I am damaged. That and the principle/precedent it would set, which I am even more leery of.

      • The way I explain it to people is this:

        I have no idea whether the “vaccine” is safe in the long term. Maybe it is…. but neither do the people pushing it know for sure, either. Until sufficient time has passed, there is no way they can know anything about the long term safety because there hasn’t been a long term yet.

        Yes, absolutely about the “gloating”. I could stand to lose a few pounds, but something tells me that if I had a heart attack no one would have said a word about it being “entirely preventable”, at least in the same context as this episode.

        In inclined to show them grace and let it pass. There’s no need for me to hold a grudge.

      • “How many would sanction gloating over the news that someone they knew who perhaps smoked was diagnosed with cancer? I myself keep fit but take no pleasure in mocking people who are overweight and who perhaps have health issues as a result.”

        My wife works in a hospital. The MAJORITY of the patients they see are grossly, morbidly obese, and their conditions are usually the direct result of it. Hypertension, high cholesterol, fluid on the lungs, immobility, stench from being so fat they cannot bathe, etc. Some patients are so obese that the fat causes a lack of circulation, and they literally have necrotic flesh rotting off their bodies as a result.

        Yet I do not see any sanctimonious prigs gloating that they “deserved it.”

        To the contrary many of these people are on disability and Medicaid, and have an entitlement mentality… a number of them mange to have bastard offspring and find the money for tattoos, piercings, and tobacco nonetheless.

        • Hi X,

          Yup. I have two friends who are nurses and both relate the same. A majority of the people who come in for care are not just heavy but fat – they make Jackie Gleason look like an adonis. And many of the other nurses are obese as well. Obesity is – arguably – the “health crisis.” Not the ‘Rona. If almost no one was morbidly obese almost no one would be dying (of the ‘Rona).

          Yet no cordoning off of the snack aisle – no measuring of the waist to get in to McDonald’s….

          • Back in mid April, the NY Times published that obesity caused a much greater risk of COVD hospitalization and death.
            However, NO FAT SHAMING ALLOWED.

      • Amen. I also vehemently detest the spectre of coercion surrounding masks and the jab. This high school style peer pressure coupled with the summary decision making on the issue of lockdowns, masks and jabs makes me want to take a swing at these pinheaded assholes and the high level tyrants.

        I am prettty healthy myself. I watch what goes into my body, including the two large glasses of cheap wine to give me a good weekend buzz. I eat healthy, work out at least 3 times a week with a combination of resistance and high intensity interval. I get regular chiropractic care, a regimen all but forgotten in building the immune system, and I supplement every day with vitamins and herbs, (D3, Zinc, multivitiman, C) as well take a 8 oz of non HFCS tonic water weekly.

        COVID already got me back in 2/2020. I am doing those things to lower my chances of getting any illness.

        My arrogant liberal brother, jabbed, couldn’t care less. Although he is all about organic vegetables and reducing environmental toxins, he took the jab. Probably because he is a liberal, the SOB will outlive me, though he’s a quintessential liberal boomer. Such makes me ill.

      • My last (and I do mean last) experience with “hospital” was in Riverside, CA in 2014. At that time the cost for “hospital” locally was $100,000/18 hrs.
        That is without “surgery,” or other bells & whistles.

        That works out to $100,000/18 = $5555/hr. or $92.6/min.
        I assume prices have increased since then, since everything else has.

        I will never give my consent to be transported to hospital.

        I wear a “dogtag” bearing the totem of the Snake People, inscribed as follows:

        • Ahhh, the “Snake People”! Saw that you said “fuck the snake people” the other day, and wasn’t sure what you meant. Now it makes sense!

          Yes, the cost of medical care is complete bullshit. No matter what the circumstances of your surgery, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t cost 1/10 of what they charged you. Save for greed, and the fact that they get away with it.

          • Hi, BaDnOn,
            Yes, the “Snake People” are the tribe which has a snake for it’s totem animal. Fuck them.

            I did not *have* surgery.
            I *was* charged for 5 CAT scans @ ~$10,000 apiece, the “justifications” for which directly contradicted the attending physician’s notes. IOW, they lied, 5 times @ $10,000 per lie.

            I was charged $9000 for routine lab tests, the total cost of which at your local medical laboratory would have been <$200.

            I was a victim of Riverside (CA) Criminal Hospital, which is a part of Hospital Corporation of America. When you own your own U.S. Senator,. many things become possible.

            HCA was convicted of defrauding Medicare, and paid a $2 Billion fine. For HCA , that was just an ordinary cost of doing business. Their CEO, Rick Scott, got a $300 Million "going away" present, and went on to become governor of Florida. Corruption ion high places, much?

            • So, the Mystery Guild of Medicine is interchangeably symbolized by either the Caduceus (two snakes), or the Rod of Asclepius (one snake).

              I think it very significant that the Caduceus just so happens to be identical to the snake-entwined Cock of Baphomet.

              I do not believe this is coincidental. The false sorcery of medicine has long been positioned to be the weapon by which the wicked forces would penetrate and desecrate humanity.

        • Indeed, medicine ceased being a service long ago. Now its an industry, run by accountants, not doctors. Which is why they’re always short staffed if there’s a spike in demand.

      • Haven’t got the bill yet. The “down payment” my wife made after I was checked in was $4,000.

        My very guess is that after insurance we are looking at another $20,000 out of pocket.

        The good news is that we are very fortunate and can afford that very easily. Many people obviously cannot.

        • Many years ago, perhaps a decade or more, I saw a national average price list for medical services. One that I recall was treatment for a simple fracture broken leg. $6000. Which at that time would pay for a years tuition to a decent private elementary/high school. For a treatment they should be near able to do in their sleep, with no overnight.

    • From what I’ve read about the vaccines, they only lessen the disease, they do not eliminate it. There’s still a very high likelihood you would have ended up in the hospital, but likely for a shorter time period. Indeed, in some of the reported “outbreak” areas this month there have been many vaccinated patients.

      And there’s also a pretty good chance that the COVID weakened you enough that something else might have got past the bouncer and infected your lungs, hence the administration of antibiotics. Yes, the root cause was COVID-19 but there are lots of things that can cause pneumonia.

      • “in the hospital, but likely for a shorter time period.”
        If of course you didn’t drop dead from the vaccine. Or suffer some of the slightly less serious, than instant death, side effects, and may still be in the hospital.

    • Hi JR,

      I am glad to hear you are doing better. An eight day hospital stint is scary and serious. Thank you for providing us your experience. There is no doubt there is a virus circulating and it will hit us all eventually.

      If you don’t mind me being nosy….did you take any measures, herbs, spices, etc. on the onset of the virus? You mentioned that as a preventive you were taking Vitamin D and zinc.

      Also, Remdesivir has been around for awhile. It was actually created back in 2007 as a treatment for SARS 1. They (the government) injected the US Army with it back in 2015, which I believe why there are so few illnesses from Covid in the military branches. It does take a few days to see improvement, but it (and Regeneron) do work.

      Once again, glad to hear your oxygen levels are normal and you are back home.

    • Much of my family is the same. Gotta love em anyway. I just hope the VAC does not kill them. If it does well then I will trust in the Lord “vengeance is mine” to exact a burning reprisal. Not such a good deal after all, imagine the surprise when after all the years and success they begin to burn in Hell for eternity.

      Death sucks. Live life.

  6. “The “vaccines” aren’t working? The effect is fading? More “vaccinations”! Double-down booster’d “vaccinations, perhaps as often as every six months, perhaps sooner – whatever The Science (that is, the eructation of Dr. Fauci, who – as Judge Dredd is The Law – is The Science) decrees necessary, endlessly.”

    Remember, comrades… the Five Year Plan is ALWAYS a success.

    No one is starving in the Workers’ Paradise… our comrades in Ukraine are fat and happy on their collective farms…

  7. The nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl 20 years ago this month, even more than my launch of perestroika, was perhaps the main cause of the Soviet Union’s collapse five years later. Indeed, the Chernobyl catastrophe was a historic turning point: there was the era before the disaster, and there is the very different era that has followed. – Mikhail Gorbachev

    Of course, being an elite psychopath, Gorby goes on to miss the point entirely. The turning point wasn’t that nuclear power was inherently destructive, it’s that powerful people make powerful mistakes. And when they get things wrong, they can destroy everything. COVID-19 is the United States’ Chernobyl moment. The idea of Chernobyl was that Europe would see mass graves from radioactive fallout. The reality is there was a slight uptick in childhood thyroid cancer, one of the most treatable cancers (even in the 1980s), and nearly all of the deaths were the first responders and plant operators who probably caused the meltdown to begin with. Many of the European cancer graphs remind me of the Tom Woods COVID cases graphs, where there’s no difference other than statical noise, but through obfuscation of context things might appear much worse than they are.

    The parallels aren’t obvious, but they are there. Hysterical reactions to anything nuclear from the granola crowd dovetail well with their hysterical reactions to someone unmasked in a store. Flat out ignoring simple, effective preventative actions, such as “don’t disable the safety interlocks,” and “don’t screw around with gain-of-function research” and “keep at risk people away from exposure while it runs its course.” Coverups of malfeasance, incompetence and opportunistic behavior. Not having answers but also unwilling to admit it. And an entire apparatus perfectly happy to destroy people’s lives under the guise of saving them. Compare the hail-Mary pass of the Sarcophagus, which continues to leak, with the ineffective vaccines and other measures. Every so often the still reacting core will occasionally reach criticality and begin heating up and throwing off massive gamma ray emissions, just like the unexplained jumps and falls in cases, and no one seems to know why.

    Empires have fallen over less.

    • Most, if not all, of what we are supposed to be in fear of (and thus gleefully agree to hand over property, freedom and liberty), have one thing in common. They’re all largely invisible to the average person. All of these crises have to be identified and measured by the trusted experts. Here are a few. I’m sure there are many more that commenters can add to.

      GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE. Hmmm. The sea levels aren’t rising and I really haven’t seen a whole lot of change in the climate over my lifetime. Don’t believe your lying eyes and trust the experts! Temperatures in in [insert a geographic location that you are not familiar with] has risen at an alarming rate. The earth is doomed unless draconian measures are taken.

      WHITE SUPREMECY AND RACISM. Hmmm. In my daily experience I see very little, if any, racism. Don’t believe your lying eyes and trust the experts! We’re all racists. It’s systemic you see. Our only hope is to fight racism with racism (affirmative action). Disagreeing with this alone makes you a racist.

      VEHICLE EMISSIONS: Hmmm. The air sure seams much cleaner than it ever was before 2000. I think vehicles’ exhaust is pretty clean these days (even for those allegedly dirty VW diesels that got 50 mpg). Don’t believe your lying eyes and trust the experts! If the EPA does not ultimately eliminate the ICE engine, we’ll all suffocate and die.

      WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION: Hmmm. U.N. inspector, Hans Blix, said: “There were about 700 inspections, and in no case did we find weapons of mass destruction.” There was no evidence produced whatsoever that Iraq had any such weapons. Don’t believe your lying eyes and trust the experts! If we don’t invade Iraq right now, the evidence of WMDs will surely come in the form of a mushroom cloud.

      COVID. Hmmm. Since March of 2020, I’m just not seeing any more sickness or death than I did over the course of my lifetime. I recall that many people used to get sick all the time. Many would have to be hospitalized and people in poor health or over 75 years old tend to be much more likely to die. Often times, the final event in life would be succumbing to a virus from which the body was unable to fight off. Don’t believe your lying eyes and trust the experts! This is a deadly plague. Ivermectin and HCQ are totally ineffective against this flu-like virus. Ridiculously expensive Remdesevir and the mRNA jab (and booster shots every 6 months for the rest of your life) are our only hope.

      • Sure, but the damage is still done. In fact it is probably better for the fear mongers if the “existential threat” isn’t real. I’m just pointing out that this time seems a little different. A great number of people, perhaps the so-called silent majority, aren’t playing along. Both sides of the aisle are done with the status quo and the “boiling frog” slow increases in regulation. The left wants radical change, demanding Chinese one party communism. The right seems to want things to go back to Clinton-era politics. Neither understands that it’s too late for that now.

        And there are plenty of cracks in the armor. We’ve clearly lost Afghanistan. To turn around and restart hostilities at this point is folly. We, the people won’t stand for it. I would think a fair number of troops won’t stand for it, especially when they see just how quickly their trainees quit. I don’t believe the Chinese will stand for it, they already are in talks with the Taliban, I’m sure to secure travel corridors and mineral rights. And I don’t believe the Afghans will stand for it, they seem to be OK with the Taliban so far and I’m sure they’ve mellowed a bit with age. The powers in charge can’t even allow a slightly worse than usual chest cold to run its course, and instead of time tested antiviral treatments attempt a vaccine using production techniques that have never worked and may have caused problems in past animal trials.

      • Have you by chance read Feardom by Connor Boyack? Written (I think) around 2014, and it might not offer you much that you don’t already know, but perhaps worth a read.

      • And when “new research” shows the Jab causes blood clots, everyone who allowed themselves to be suckered into taking it will be told they have to eat rat poison (warfarin) for the rest of their lives, or they will suffer strokes and/or heart attacks.

        Meanwhile, in Orlando FL, “officials” are demanding that everyone a) drive around in dirty autos, and allow their lawns and shrubbery to die, “because COVID.”

        What’s next on the wheel of degradation? One shower per month?

        • Yes, and the “vaccinated” are in the hospital for blood clots, heart attacks, false cancer diagnosis and neurological disorders which are being classified as such. The “vaccinated” never get COVID, you see. The “unvaccinated’ are “HOSPITALIZED FOR COVID” and are catching the manufactured spike proteins from the prion breathing mouth breathers who wore the jab on their shirtsleeve. Only honest extrapolation and analysis will get the truth out. Unfortunately, the psychotic N95 mask wearing virtue signaling communists who run just about every city council and school board in the country will actively suppress and dismiss those bringing the truth while being all to willing to tank the economy over a god damned headcold.

          The propaganda surrounding this is insulting and deafening. I am sick of hearing these prion breathing morons talk.

  8. Well here we go again! Just got back from my latest “freedom check” in the nearest big city in coastal NC, and the mask mandates are categorically back in effect (apparently by order of the governor).

    Oddly, Barnes & Noble is being far less Nazi about it this time around than earlier this year, but all the other stores in the big shopping center made it clear in no uncertain terms, “Masks Required Upon Entry!” Walmart is also being laid back about it right now, but just 15-20% of customers were unmasked (first time free-facers were in the minority since early June).

    Also noticed that one of the most popular restaurants in town–which was packed to the gills just a few days ago–was virtually empty on Friday night during prime dinner time. I wonder how much economic damage will be done this time around?

    • Hi Jim,

      Ugh. But not surprising. The thing I expect next is that they – the government/corporate controllers – will use the stick of no-life-for-you (not necessarily lockdowns, but make life so unpleasant, as via Diaper decrees) to get the donkeys (us) to bit the carrot or rather, roll up our sleeves, so as to be allowed to do a few things again. That is why now more than ever it is critical to not give one inch of ground over this. Refuse to wear the filthy rag. If you own a business, refuse to enforce rag wearing. Stand up for your humanity – now – while you can still do so without it costing you more than a meal at a restaurant or perhaps a job.

      • When Emerson visited Thoreau while he was in jail for resisting conscription, He asked him “what are you doing in there?” To which Thoreau replied “what are you doing out there?”
        If laws are unjust, where should a just man be? If you are fighting for your freedom, cost is irrelevant.

    • Jim-I haven’t seen any new diaper mandate from the NC govking. A lot of urging and recommendations but no mandate. He indicated somewhat curiously in late July that he would not be issuing any more mandates beyond what he controls (the executive bureaucracy). This was right around when his longtime General Counsel retired and was replaced by some wet behind the ears young’un. I suspect the old guy was like “I can’t ok you doing this again” and govking said “ok, I’ll find someone who can.” Their probably hatching their evil plans right now.

    • Ugh. Just found out that as of 8/12 my county now requires diapers in all buildings they control. Still not required but “encouraged” for businesses. 200 “cases” (70 of which are “breakthrough”) in a week in a county with 30k residents and 750k visitors right now. Not even statistically significant but we’re in a code “red” county a la the war on terror.

      • You’re probably right Hatteraszek, but the signs on all the stores say “by order of local and state mandates,” so I just assumed the govking had signed off on it.

    • I that the North Carolina governor gets lynched along with all of the assholes who voted for that shit. Really. Yeah, it’s going to inflict a huge toll. It’s like getting whacked at a demolition derby. That’s the best way to compare the damage done to restaurants the first and second time around. Eventually, they will just quit working.

      Yeah, the GovKIng probably hired some young faggot to do the damned job.

  9. I think part of the deal with the car diaperers is that they’re afraid to touch their face or their diaper while they’re out and about–If their hands are unclean and they touch their mask then there’s cross-contamination, and if their hands are clean and they touch the mask they get their mask germs on their clean hands 😂

      • Not “Dweebs”… insane. They’ve been driven insane and are extremely unstable.

        Remember it’s waves of torture and indulgences that produce the best psychological torture. We’re passing from the summer indulgences phase back into an even worse masking phase. Worse because they now want to needle-rape(baptism) as many as possible in addition to the face effacing and other Covidan rituals.

  10. Dr. AZT warned the virus was coming and there’s nothing we can do. TV dutifully parroted. The people became scared.

    Dr AZT says, “I have a solution”. Stay aprt & wear a rag upon your face & you will be safe. TV dutifully parroted. The people felt safe.

    Dr AZT brought forth an answer to the masses tired of living lives of waste. Here is your shot to a better life. TV dutifully parroted. The people felt relieved.

    The lie of the shot was exposed, but the groundwork was laid. Dr AZT said, “put the rag back upon your face” & more shots for you. TV dutifully parroted. The people felt comforted.

    The one thing missing was the truth behind it all. TV dutifully ignored.

    People, by and large, are programmed robots. The TV is their operating system.
    They will not be reprogrammed as long as the programmers have something to gain.
    This cycle may continue for years until the patience of even the most ignorant wretch has been expended.

    By then, you will have a new REAL ID card with full access to biometrics, medical, benefits, banking & tracking info; with plenty of health check stations to have it scanned at.

    • I stopped watching TV decades ago, due to the extremely poor, and steadily declining, quality of the programming. Simply not worth enduring commercials to watch it. Apparently there are masses of people who prefer to lower their standards over not watching. I did watch TV news on occasion, for entertainment, but it became so predictable it wasn’t fun any more.

  11. An internecine war among nihilists. What could be more fun?

    “I Shit My Pants” by the Fugs is Joe’s theme song these days.


    If the vaccinated have to wear masks and the non-vaccinated have to wear masks, you won’t know who is who.

    The clowns in Congress need to pass legislation to allow open season on non-vaccinated sane healthy people.

    No mask, shot on sight. You’re a Gypsy, you can be hunted legally. Switzerland allowed legal hunting of Gypsies, so it is grandfathered in, you can hunt non-vaccinated heretics all day long, all year long.

    Gotta do something to stop the spread.

    Everything you know is wrong.

  12. ‘Who could have predicted that an achoo! would trigger the end of the world’ — EP

    Well, it ain’t over yet. But this seems to be a first in the history of US government:

    Joe Biden, you are not a president, you are a piece of shit,” Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) says [in a video], before adding:

    “Thousands of Americans are stuck over there in Afghanistan and you are letting the Taliban kick your ass, while you are lecturing governors about masks and vaccines. Do your job, bring these Americans home.”

    Comity is over, comrades. It’s every man, woman, and non-cis-gendered lifeform for themselves.

    Got ammo?

    • Ironic- Probably the only decent, rational thing Joe Vile-den has done in his entire life…and this they tear him a new one for!

      • You’ve probably seen the stuff about the latest mentally ill patsy suckered by the 3 letter agencies to perform in their white man bad “domestic terror” skit. The way you know it’s fake is how the guy, during his act, was supposedly maniacally calling for “air strikes” to re-take Afghanitaliban or sumpin’. In their shallowly studied minds, this anti-Biden talking point lifted from Faux News and Red Teamers qualifies as “anti-gov’t extremism.” Sad. On a number of levels.

      • Nunz, you of all people, know how Sacred the Holy Narrative is. Even the Clinton News Network has piled on. The inter faction war back in Mordor on the Potomac, is obviously heating up.

  13. Happening here too, the slaves are demanding that everyone be forced to diaper. The governor (so far) has refused to issue a statewide mandate so now each individual city/town is ordering their own – all the little Napoleons in their glory. Tom Woods has some great charts showing “the cases” for a bunch of different locations and they all track similarly, whether there were diapers, lockdowns, etc. or not. So much for “following the science”.
    What we really need to do is follow the MONEY as Deep Throat pointed out over Watergate. Big Pharma can’t make billions selling ivermectin, needs that annual flu shot, which is all this is. Orange Fail got that part right, this is nothing more than the WuFlu.

  14. My observation locally is that upscale or liberal-type stores are the ones re-embracing masking. For the first time since May, self-effacers outnumbered free-facers at the local Barnes & Noble this week. And B&N just put up a sign saying, “Masks are recommended” (but not required). Thankfully, however, a level of sanity still prevails at middle-of-the-road places like Walmart.

    • I noticed the same at CVS yesterday. I was one of about 5 freefacers. There were at least 15 diaperers, including all staff. I did get a few looks, and caught one 30ish masker staring at me. When I made eye contact, he looked away.

      Since I don’t watch teevee, I’m not sure why the sudden reversion to idiocy. Don’t care that much, either, as long as I am left alone.

      BTW, NO signs at all on the door about diapering.

      • Hopefully stores realize if they put up signage, they’ll lose a certain amount of business and will steer clear of it this time around.

      • I went to my local grocer chain store in Melton no snot rag. Only 1 other person snot rag free. Went then to the local shopping centre. 82 shops. Only the big chain shops open. Mall deserted for a Saturday morning. I am expecting the whole of Australia to be locked up for the rest of 2021 starting on 1 Sept.
        The viruses are rescheduling their activities to meet this new calendar change by our local despots. Not enough small businesses going bankrupt yet. Making it easy for the chinks to invade in a few months. While everyone is locked up at home.

    • I think I know the answer but are these imbeciles getting their masking orders from TeeeVEEE news? I’ve seen no local or state announcements regarding the rag. We don’t watch TV so I’m a bit insulated from their “authoritative voices”. Wife went to the store and came back telling me to get ready to be annoyed, that the face diapered outnumbered the thinking for the first time in a long while.

  15. Contrary to popular opinion, viruses are our friend.
    Here in the US, there are few areas where predators threaten people. At least among the 4 legged variety.
    On the other hand, among prey species, there are several, but not nearly as many as in the recent past.
    A near perfect example of the balance is the relationship between Caribou and Wolves. Wolves follow the Caribou herd, and pick off stragglers, and the fallen. The weak. Removing them from the care of the heard and the gene pool.
    As practically the only predator left that people experience, viruses serve the same purpose for people. If you are weak and fall behind, as in sitting on your duff eating corn chips and drinking soda pop all day, we don’t need you. If you refuse to take responsibility for your health, it’s of no concern to me. Being among a demographic that is ALWAYS in danger of dying from a virus, the elderly, I don’t concern myself with that threat. It’s a natural thing. Once one reaches an age required for the rearing of the young, Mother nature has no further use for you. Anything after that is gravy. Your wisdom, if you managed to acquire any, is a bonus.

    • I agree. Nature has developed built in mechanisms to regain equilibrium when things get out of whack, and any feeble attempt by humans to direct nature in a desired path always results in unintended consequences. It’s humorous and a bit sad to watch those who think they have power over nature toiling in futility.

      Good job, little person! Your plexiglass barriers are sure making a difference!

    • John,
      What you say is very true. But what if the virus was manufactured intentionally. Then a vaccine was manufactured by people whom hold the view that there are too many people on the planet causing too many problems they fear. We’re about to see the greatest culling of the heard since the National Socialist Holocaust, the great de-kulakization famine in the Ukraine and China combined.

      • “Virus manufactured intentionally” – that’s where I think the gain of function stuff comes in. TPTB coordinated this on a worldwide scale. Get everybody sick (although it didn’t work as well as they had hoped) with a variety of gain of function pathogens, launched in different parts of the world…weaponizing the common cold to include deadlier illnesses, so the ubiquitousness is combined with deadliness. The plan is bolstered by a non-test, the RT-PCR, which was never intended to diagnose anything – but its inventor conveniently died just months before Event 201, the rollout of the alleged pandemic. Dead men tell no tales.

        Then, Voila! A “vaccine” is magically warp speeded into existence (you aren’t supposed to know the jab has been in the works for quite some time, there are patents dating from several years ago)…the truth is told in writing (that the jab doesn’t protect anyone from infection or transmission), but the media and politicos keep overriding the truth with their “puffing” – just like slimy used car salesmen.

        Those who get the jab are overruling their own common sense and access to the truth, by giving in to peer pressure, trying to avoid conflict, deluding themselves that taking the jab will somehow make their lives easier, listening to the liars that say they will “get their lives back,” whatever they need to tell themselves to MAKE IT GO AWAY.

        That’s where we are today.

        • Hiding from the virus, except when gong out to lose all sense of reality by having a temper tantrum over someone NOT being afraid of a virus. Currently escalating to the point of murder, if it doesn’t change course. Making them more dangerous than the virus they fear.

        • You’re giving them too much credit. They got caught doing something they weren’t supposed to be doing, in a place where they thought they had 100% control, and now they’re worried about their own necks.

          These guys are all a bunch of lawyers. They know full well the meaning of the world “liability.” If they get blamed they hang. If they blame us… well… then we hang. And better us then them.

      • Of course the response is insane, because the response was the program all along. I’m only castigating those who are in deadly fear of viruses. This is not exactly new. My ex-sister in law was Howard Hughes clone, terrified of bugs, real or imagined. She would not us a cloth towel for any purpose except a shower exit, and I’m not sure about that since I was never inclined to watch. That was 20 years ago. I’ve met a number of similar maniacs since.

  16. ‘The more we see of face-effacing, the worse things are becoming’ — EP

    A rare off-season opportunity for pushback looms: in California, of all places, which despite being a totalitarian Democrat regime does have initiative and recall.

    The Lügenpresse are on the back foot in the Sep 14 recall election (early voting, naturally, already has begun):

    ‘Leading in the polls and fundraising amid a crowded field in the campaign to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom, talk radio personality Larry Elder has launched a time-honored new front in the California recall election: bashing the media.

    ‘Elder has banned one of the state’s top newspapers from covering his events and refused to take questions from a Los Angeles Times opinion columnist, depicting himself as a victim of duplicity and unfairness.

    ‘The Elder campaign revoked the Sacramento Bee’s access Monday, charging that the newspaper “doctored” responses the candidate gave for an online “Voter Guide” feature.

    ‘”Republicans really, really don’t like the media, so any critique of the media is welcome among Republican voters,” said Jack Pitney, a professor of government at Claremont McKenna College.’

    You got that right, Professor. Though I’m not a Republiclown, bashing the media — preferably with a rifle butt to the mouth — makes my heart sing. It’s straight outta the Trump playbook, and it works.

    Larry Elder has promised to reverse all mask and vax mandates in California on Day One. Loathsome Newsom is a turd on the run.

    • We’ve been following the Commiefornia recall with interest. Me moreso than my husband—I first became aware of Larry Elder almost 25 years ago. At that time, his position, re: R vs. D was “a pox on both their houses.” Though we see he’s running as an R now, and has bent some rhetoric to the comprehension level of an idiot box-conditioned population, his reasoning re: Sickness Psychosis is sound.

      Of course, as in any election held by GovInc., we know it’s not so much who will vote, but who will count the votes.

      And it’s more than clear who counts the votes out there.

      • ‘it’s more than clear who counts the votes out there’ — FUNY

        Yes … and one Bedford’s Law analysis of Nov 2020 California precinct returns showed a big skew from the expected distribution of leading digits in Biden’s totals, mainly in certain northern California urban counties. It suggested vote padding.

        But apparently, the Nov 2020 vote fraud was centrally coordinated (same modus operandi and wee-hours timing in WI, MI, PA, GA, AZ, NV, etc). Without central direction, maybe California will be left to its own devices in this one-off election.

        Also, national Democrats didn’t lift a finger to stop Andrew Cuomo’s ouster. Maybe they don’t care about dashing young Gavin’s fate either? We can hope.

        It would be quite extraordinary for the two largest Democratic states, California and New York, to both lose their governors in the space of a month.

        Earth to Democrats: you are in grave disarray.

        • Two aspects of the psyop:

          1. Need a fall guy – Cuomo and possibly Newsom – to redirect the public’s attention and mitigate their anger. After all, there is the appearance of justice.

          2. Cuomo and Newsom served their purpose. They have put in place an avalanche of momentum. They will now retire well, escape any earthly retribution, and the game will continue.

      • “it’s not so much who will vote, but who will count the votes.” Interestingly enough, very close to a quote from Stalin.

    • I’ll be voting for Jeff Hewitt (Riv Co Supervisor).
      I know he won’t win, but as a resident of Riverside County I will stand with one of my own.


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