When We Got to See . . . If We Were Looking

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Occasionally, the curtain is parted and we get to see . . . provided we  want to look.

Nahhhnlevven was one such moment. Even insofar as the term (and day) itself. What are the chances it was random chance – coincidental – that the events of that day happened on that day out of all the 365 days of the year? On Nine One One . . . the day-term people in America associate with an emergency? Does it make sense that the “Islamic terrists,” as The Chimp styled them – and by the way, where have they all gone? – would chose that particular day, for that reason?

That it just happened to be that day?

On that day, I happened to be in DC, where I was still working for The Washington Times as a member of the editorial page staff. Almost on cue, the editorial department there – and suddenly everywhere else – was referring to “911” rather than “the terrorist attacks” or similar terms you’d expect them to use organically.

As if on cue. Like Myna birds prompted to speak what they’d been taught to say – and just as unconsciously.

I also remember seeing the initial local-network coverage of the attack on the Pentagon. Of the too-small-for-a-757 hole in the side of the building, with unbroken walls on either side and no damage above the hole, where a 757’s vertical stabilizer ought to have caused damage. Nor were there “punch out” holes on either side of the hole, where the wings and huge jet engines that powered a 757 would have caused such damage. Or at least, where you would expect to see such damage.

And – to this day – not one photo or video of a 757 in the air, approaching the Pentagon – notwithstanding it was a beautiful early Fall day and there were hundred if not thousands of tourists about with cameras and the area itself is peppered with always-on security cameras. Keeping in mind that this attack was no surprise, as the attacks on the Trade Center had already occurred and everyone was aware that airplanes had been crashed into the Twin Towers.

The sound of a low-flying 757 is not quiet. And that sound – and sight – would have immediately alarmed all those people out and about. Yet not one of them took a picture or shot a video of a 757 on an inbound course toward the Pentagon. Not one of the always-on security cameras – in the city with the most security cameras in the country – captured this sight, either.

The only video extant – well, the only one we’ve been allowed to see – is that of something that doesn’t look like a 757. But it does look like something else.

Then there was the third building that pancaked down into its own footprint, though no airplane struck it and no high-temp fires could have “weakened” its steel supports as there weren’t any high-temp fires on fire to do that trick. Just ordinary office-type fires fueled by wood and so on that could not have “weakened” structural steel supports because such fires do not burn hot enough. And “weakened” them just right? All at once? So as to cause a near-symmetric free-fall collapse?

Three of them – on the same day?

This was an in-your-face moment. All of them. But most couldn’t process the sight because most cannot conceive such a thing is possible; that human beings could plan such a thing and then do such a thing.

Not the “terrists,” I mean.

The things who own and control the apparat we loosely style “government.” The very things who insisted that 757s are so easy to fly that almost anyone can not only fly them (why bother with all those years of training expected of 757 pilots?) but fly them acrobatically, with great precision, at the limits of the airframe’s capabilities  – including at hundred of knots of airspeed, then just a few yards off the deck – without crashing into it – before crashing into the side of a low-lying building almost exactly horizontally.

My friend the former Navy pilot says this is unlikely verging on impossible – for someone who isn’t a Navy pilot. Or at least someone who was an experienced 757 pilot, someone with lots of experience flying one rather than a Cessna/simulator.

The people standing around waiting to be loaded into boxcars in those black-and-white images all of us have seen didn’t see, either. The normal human brain cannot process this kind of thing – until it is too late to see. After the doors have been closed and the realization finally dawns that they are not being “relocated” to new homes in the East.

So it was for most Americans on that beautiful fall day, now more than 20 years in the rearview. To this day, most of them still cannot see – because it costs too much to have a look.

It is why they could not see what came next – nor understand what it meant – when they were told that from now on they’d have to spread their legs and raise their arms and take off their shoes in order to be a passenger on a 757 or any other commercial airplane. Italicized to emphasize the fact that these “practices” do not apply to private aviation because obviously, “Islamic terrists” cannot afford to charter a 757.

They did not see what it would mean – to submit to all of this – and so they were rendered malleable to even more submission, which of course they didn’t see coming, either. After some 20, “Islamic terrists” began to get tired, so they got to see something else – something they literally couldn’t see.

A “virus” even worse than “Islamic terrists.”

It made every day a new Nahhhnlevven – for almost three years now.

Many donned what were (and are) styled their “masks” – the possessive isn’t accidental – as well as rolled up their sleeves – with just as much resistance as they offered up when told they (and their children, wives and grandmothers) must spread their legs, raise their arms and take off their shoes.

And they still don’t see, many of them.

But many of us did, way back then.

And more of us do, with every day that passes. Time is not on their side. The side of those who didn’t want us to see what they were showing us, even as they did it right in front of our faces. If that sounds incongruous, it’s only because you do not see the world as they do.

What they wanted to do was show us without our coming to grips with what we had seen. No, it could not be that. It has to be something else. Something sane. Something – anything – but that.

But it was.

And it is.

It will be, again (and worse) if we enough of us refuse to see what they did – right in front of all our faces.

. . .

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      • Hi Eric.

        Anyone who understands anything about engineering and physics, knows what happened with Building 7. As for the pentagram, do you really think they don’t have multiple anti air systems. around one of the most heavily guarded buildings in that area? Not to mention the area that just happened to get destroyed. And all of the documents in it.

  1. Don’t forget TWA 800. We are supposed to believe that hundreds of eye witnesses with the same story didn’t actually see what they saw. And that a 747 with its front end missing up to the wings continued to fly and climb for a short period. Hey look, a squirrel!

  2. Hi Eric


    “Of the too-small-for-a-757 hole in the side of the building, with unbroken walls on either side and no damage above the hole, where a 757’s vertical stabilizer ought to have caused damage. Nor were there “punch out” holes on either side of the hole, where the wings and huge jet engines that powered a 757 would have caused such damage. Or at least, where you would expect to see such damage.”

    one theory is……. it was a missile….but what you saw was a projected holographic image of a plane.

  3. I remember where I was that fateful day. I was a wee pup of a C-130 pilot in the Reserves and was still trying to fill my logbook and get certified as an aircraft commander. One of the nice things at that moment about being a reservist is that all of the collateral duties that our junior officer pilot comrades in the regular service did weren’t part of our job description.

    We had several crews in the airplane and we were doing touch and goes, all under the watchful eye of our STAN/EVAL officer (standards and evaluation), who ensures that all pilots meet requirements.

    Then we got a weird call from the tower to land immediately. The skies were as blue as you’ve ever seen. Perfect weather. Then we landed and they explained to us that the towers had been hit. Little did I know I’d be placed on active duty, my life turned upside down and I’d be two years later dodging RPGs and random shots from MANPADS taking off and landing in Iraq and later Afghanistan. It was 6 months here, a year here, but that is time I’ll never get back. I gleefully retired when my 20 years was up and wouldn’t even consider going back even though I love flying the greatest airplane ever built, the C-130.

    What Borat correctly described as “your war of terror” didn’t just terrorize folks in Islamic countries, but our own citizens. Who could forget the color-coded alerts, the groping at the airports, National Guardsmen walking around the airport like we’re a Third World country, etc.

    There’s a lot about that day that still doesn’t add up. It’s also ridiculous that our air defense network was so degraded after the Cold War that we didn’t have planes armed and ready.

    There was a lot in the 9/11 attacks that still don’t make sense, like with the Vegas shooter and countless other incidents that you can’t decide whether they’re just an excuse to disarm the population and grossly empower a tyrannical government. The official story is always wrong at first and not in minor details. So many things are puzzling.

  4. The only real attack that I know of where a plane flew into a building was Joe Stack taking revenge on the Infernal Revenue Service for ruining his life. The media was suspiciously silent past initial brief reporting.
    You can tell when events fit “their” agenda by how much it’s repeted and hyped in everything, like the professionally manufactured signage and sneeze guards immediately installed in every big box store nationwide at the beginning of the fakedemic. That material doesn’t appear overnight just like the term nine-eleven didn’t organically spout out of every media mouthpiece simultaneously. Nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care.

    • Hi CT,

      I noticed that too in the spring of 2020 — just from one day to the next, Plexiglass barriers — perfectly curved and fitted to the cash registers — were up at just about every store. As well as the preprinted “Stand six feet about — social distancing” stickers on the floor — just laying around just in case a “pandemic” that required people to stand six feet apart happened to break out, I guess….

      Also, the local Metroparks here had signs up with silhouettes of eagles’ wingspans to “illustrate” how far to stay away from other walkers and hikers. These were professionally designed, ad-campaign signs — yet also went up in one day. 🤔

      As to the grocery stores, I worked at one not too many years ago and it took *weeks* for these types of renovations to get done…hmmmm…

      • Hey Chris next time there’s a spontaneous protest, be sure to look for the professionally printed signs.

      • Hey Chris,
        I worked in a machining and fab shop for quite a while. Between all the office work, tool and die setup, prototyping and scheduling theres no way all that finished material wasn’t just laying around waiting to be installed. If it was a natural response to an immediate need you would have seen makeshift cobbled together signage and fixtures at the corporate hives similar to the small business gas stations and hardware stores that were graciously granted “essential” status.
        It was all a big show to make clueless airheads piss their panties and beg big daddy for salvation. It was so obvious it makes me sick just thinking about it. Needless to say I keep my conversations with Stupidus Americanus short and sweet to avoid boiling with rage.

  5. Some people will believe anything.

    Case in point: The 21st century (so far).

    “The public sucks! Fuck hope.” —George Carlin

    • Most people will believe anything.

      George Carlin: “Think of a person of average intelligence, then consider that half of Americans are more stupid than that.”

  6. So many false flags and psy-ops, where does one even begin?

    Such tactics are literally ancient, but their effectiveness and ability to simultaneously control the thinking of the masses over huge geographic areas -even worldwide- was exponentially amplified once mass media became a thing.

    It is likely that War Of The Worlds -a radio dramatization in 1938 of fictional Martian invasion, which millions of people thought was real, and actually started taking action on- was either a test of how the media could be used in such a way, or perhaps was what gave *them* the idea.

    My mother was 13 years old in 1938 and remembers the War Of The Worlds broadcast, and how her family was preparing to go to the river [For some reason, that was the thing to do….]. You’d think having been fooled in such a manner would make one a lifelong skeptic of the media and cause them to realize just how powerful and manipulative of an influence even the only extant primitive media at the time- radio, could be- but yet even the very people who personally experienced that mass psychological experiment have fallen for every subsequent charade. Fool me once….

    After War Of The Worlds it was Pearl Harbor; The JFK assassination; The ‘Moon Landing’….the list goes on and on, right on down to 9/11 and the “Pandemic”, but there are few skeptics (Except for the JFK assassination- of which, after all this time it is safe to say we can never know the truth now) because “We saw it with our own eyes” (“I saw them planes fly into the buildin’s!” “I seen men walk on the Moon!”) so now the rightful skeptics -those who can clearly see the cracks- are dismissed and labeled ‘crackpots’ and ‘conspiracy theorists’.

    Then there is damage control: For one example: In past decades a great deal of effort was spent disseminating disinformation towards anyone who was aware of the overlords plans to establish a one-world government. Such disinformation was propagated by many who posing as exposers of the NWO, by such tactics as using red herrings- like promoting the idea that everything was being controlled by the Freemasons- etc.

    Same thing happened in the 9/11 “truther” arena, where crazy ideas were promoted, and in which disinformation agents posed as ‘believers’ and gained a big following, and then recanted, causing many of their followers to also recant.

    It’s a snake pit out there. After all of the BS; the government lies, the media charades, the disinformationists red herrings and other tactics, there are very few left who are able to maintain a reasonable understanding- and we few who post here are an indicator of just how insignificant that number is.

    • “You’d think having been fooled in such a manner would make one a lifelong skeptic”

      The cat jumped into the box in the first place precisely because it is a cat. Cats don’t suddenly become, say, monkeys after jumping into a box and finding no reward. They remain cats. And cats jump into boxes.

  7. “That was a military plane.” – words spoken by a woman who watched it happen from her apartment window in a highrise. Heard her say them on a yt channel.

    Then the casual observer on the street who explained in precise, meticulously, impeccably sanitized words stood there to make it plain as day what happened. Too eerie as to how one could use words so carefully chosen. Red flag there, all propaganda.

    Three airplanes in the air, one nose-dived into the ground in Pennsylvania, two into the towers, and one other supersonic flying craft into the Pentagon.

    You gots to be organized to pull off that kind of stuff, nobody even knew except for the jumping for joy dancers somewhere across the Hudson River. The touristas did an A-Team plan to perfection. Or so they say.

    The The US Air Force was clueless, couldn’t scramble any jets to intercept the radar positions that were not supposed to be there.

    July 4th is nearing, 4-7-2022 makes for a good set of numbers to use to carry out another false flag while everyone is eating hot dogs and apple pie.

    Been picking asparagus, good year for it. $5.55 for premium at the pump today, so that’s good.

    • Ever notice how whenever something interesting and big occurs, the media “happens” to be nearby? Like, every single time?

      You can’t tell me they have blanket coverage like that. Especially not with today’s newsroom budgets.

      Either they’re in on it or it’s staged, folks. Go ahead & be entertained Ed, but don’t believe a word of it. No one is that lucky.

  8. Almost everyone has a phone to take videos or pictures. Everywhere there are surveillance cameras especially in gov buildings and schools.

    If there are few or no videos of the crime,,, few or no pictures of the crime,,, and memory holed rapidly it’s a guaranteed FF.

    • Sick thing is, Ken, there is surveillance video…. Uncle confiscated it and won’t release it, “for security reasons” (Yeah, job security!). As if the public viewing a video of a plane flying into a the Pentagram would somehow compromise nation securit<emehh.

      That right there would be an instant sign to a sane population of who the true perpetrator of the crime is. Can so many people really be THAT stupid? Of course not….but they ‘want to believe’ (that they live in a ‘free country’ and the government is beneficent), so they play along and dare not point out the elephant in the room.

      • It’s all—quite literally!—The Oldest Trick in the Book.

        “Yaweh said to Moses, ‘Behold, I will come to you in a dense cloud, so that the people will hear when I speak with you, and they will always put their trust in you.’ …And you are to set up a boundary for the people around the mountain and tell them, ‘Be careful not to go up on the mountain or touch its base. Whoever touches the mountain shall surely be put to death. No hand shall touch him, but he shall surely be stoned or shot with arrows—whether man or beast, he must not live.’ Only when the ram’s horn sounds a long blast may they approach the mountain.” Exodus 19:9–13

        In other words, Moses guarded the “State Secrets” of YHWH’s manifestation with threats of summary execution. YHWH remained hidden in the smoke of the volcano while Moses played ventriloquist for the masses, who were kept at a safe distance by threat of death. “THOU SHALT NOT CROSS THE VELVET ROPE!”

        This same trick was used to prevent the masses from peeking into the Tabernacle, where Moses told them YHWH Himself resided!

        Moses’ henchmen “brought back the ark of the covenant of the LORD of Hosts, who sits enthroned between the cherubim. And the two sons of Eli, Hophni and Phinehas, were there with the ark of the covenant of Yahweh [to “bounce” any pleb who would dare approach].” 1 Samuel 4:4

        “[T]he officers went through the camp and commanded the people: “When you see the ark of the covenant of Yahweh your God being carried by the Levitical priests, you are to set out from your positions and follow it. But keep a distance of about two thousand cubits between yourselves and the ark. Do not go near it, so that you can see the way to go, since you have never traveled this way before.” Joshua 3:2-4

        Haha, note the ad hoc “policy basis” tacked on to the end of the commandment. “You know, for saaaaaaafety (since you’re unfamiliar with the terrain)!”

        The Tabernacle Hoax has been used as an instruction manual for every Judeofascist regime since Ezra. Just as you say, Nunz: JFK, Moon Landing, 9/11, bolognavirus—all reruns of the seminal Tabernacle Hoax. I would also add “thermonuclear holocaust,” which I consider to be the Judeofascists’ quintessential “YHWH Threat.” People (like our very own Turtle) see the mighty fortress, and the guardians of the secrets within, and are told, “Do Not approach the Might Nukes within, or thou shalt surely DIE!” and those people come away believing, “I have seen the nukes. And the nukes’ wrath is truly great!”

        • Aren’t tricks supposed to work? The Israelites went rouge and made a golden calf when Moses went up the mountain. Was the calf a false flag?
          Hophni and Phinehas were bouncers for the plebs? The same two that die later in the chapter (v.17-18) for not following the rules?
          I’m not even sure what you are trying to say with the Joshua reference.

          Maybe you didn’t notice, but it is a pretty consistent theme throughout the narrative that people *in the story* don’t follow the rules. If its purpose is to control people, it was doing a piss poor job to begin with.

          • “Hophni and Phinehas … die later in the chapter”

            So what? Warlords’ henchmen die in battle all the time, as the story has it that it happened. (v.11) But more importantly, dons and capos murder their enforcers for insubordination all the time, which is the more plausible fate of those two thugs. Notice that their father Eli was also conveniently liquidated in v. 18. (“I just told him what happened to his sons, and, uh…he fell and, uh, broke his neck!”) There was clearly a power struggle among the Levite priests for rulership of the gang. Par for the course of Gansta Thug Life. The Moses arc is the Iron Age equivalent of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire series about the bosses and capos of the Prohibition underworld.

            it is a pretty consistent theme throughout the narrative that people *in the story* don’t follow the rules.

            These are all ad hoc justifications for the periodic purgings and slaughters that Moses’ thugs committed to keep the Herd in line. (“We had to kill them! They were, uh…worshipping an idol/interbreeding with Midianites/looking into the Tabernacle/etc.”) Remember, history is written by the victors, and dead men tell no tales.

            You’re being deliberately obtuse about the Joshua reference. It’s quite clear Yahweh wasn’t in their fucking mobile tent, and that the commandment that the Herd steer clear of the tent was to prevent exposure of this preposterous lie. This isn’t rocket science, it’s Jewish grift.

    • Yep Ken. The kids at Columbine were shown on camera in 1999. Left letters, had a motive. My high school had cameras in 2005. But they can’t show Lanza going into Handy Shook because why? Not even a still shot of him outside the door? Okay. So either satanic Black Uniforms did it, or… and I’m leaning with this based on Gene Rosen’s BS story or Robbie Parkers laughing/alligator tear transition… there were no kids shot.

      I’ve heard that one of those planes that supposedly hit one of the towers was routed near Cleveland Hopkins and the passengers were shuttled off and somehow murdered, so another plane was programmed to hit the tower. Who knows? At this point, anything is possible.

    • I thought the same thing with the Pulse in Orlando. A bar full of 300 or so twenty something year olds, and nobody has a phone and is taking video or pictures or live streaming? Doesn’t pass the smell test. Another thing I think usually indicates false flag is when they know everything about the “perp” before the situation even ends. Boston bombing, Sandy Hook, Orlando, Uvaldi, they were giving us all the background and history before the shooting even stopped. What’s the truth with all these incidents? I dunno, but I’m pretty sure it ain’t what we’ve been told

    • What’s interesting is that the FBI confiscated 32 camera videos from around the Pentagon within 3 hours. How did they know where they all were so quickly?

      Also, there’s a commuter cam with the Pentagon AND a WIDE-SKY-ed approach to it from where “the plane” supposedly came from. That time of day it’s as clear as clear can be, even today, and yet, nothing. That VDOT cam was in the PERFECT position to capture the ENTIRE thing for at least 5-6 seconds prior to strike. Not this horseshit made for morons crap that they released.

      Anyone watching Bldg. 7 collapse from all the different angles that truly believes that some rogue fires did it, is a complete moron.

      • Hi 37,

        You’re right – and I know it because I grew up in the area and worked in it for many years, too. So I am very familiar with the area around the Pentagon and the presence of those VDOT (and other) cameras you mention. In 2001, DC was already littered with security cameras, long before these were affixed everywhere else. And the really telling thing (to me) is that there was advance notice of something like this potentially happening. Everyone knew of the incident in Manhattan. Therefore, everyone would have been on high alert upon hearing the sound of the “757” coming in and this idea that not one of them – including those in government, who are behind all those cameras – caught a single frame of film or video showing a “757” is improbable beyond plausibility.

  9. Here is some logic about the 911 attack on the WTC.

    The buildings came down by a controlled demolition. 1,2,7 and building 6 was a big crater also.

    Arabs could not have placed the charges, so who did?

    Who benefitted from the war of terror that followed?

    Who controls the USA and can pull off a stunt like that?

    It is obvious who and you can not talk about it, so that means we are damned.

    • Very good, Eric.

      To Yukon Jack: Right. I’m familiar with your work, and I’m glad to see you have been commenting here lately. It won’t change the general run of commenting here, though, sadly, as most of the commenters don’t learn.

      Here’s some more logic. The government and media lie TOGETHER about 9/11. Likewise, the government and media lie together about “covid” and push so-called vaccines. Likewise, the government and media lie together about the “mass shootings,” most of which are hoaxes with the main purpose of advancing “gun control.” That’s “gun control” against us, while our rulers will still keep theirs to use against us. Well, is there one kind of people owning the major media and controlling the government?

      Henry Ford wrote 100 years ago that when we look under any vile rock, we find jews. In the wake of WW2, Gen. George Patton wrote in his diary and to his wife that he now realized the jew problem infesting our military and government administration.

      Not opinion, not belief, but verifiable fact that anybody can find plentiful proof for: jews are not Whites. Most jews in White-founded White-built countries PRETEND to be Whites, which makes it so easy to take control, which they have done. FDR was a known jew who surrounded himself with jews in his administration. I need to stop myself from writing a book here.

      Knowledge of jewry is the key to explaining, correctly and sensibly, everything of importance on the state, national, and international “stage.” Another current example: jews control Ukraine, Russia, and the USA. The ruling jews of the three countries agreed to, planned, and launched the current war. As usual, what’s the purpose of the jew-made war? Kill anybody but jews. Profit off war materiel. Use “emergencies” to take away more rights of nonjews, especially of Whites. Raise prices to further impoverish all nonjews, especially Whites.

      Somebody might say, “What about China?” It is documented in books from 100 years ago back into the 1700s: jews married into the ruling families of China to produce children who would look Chinese and enable the jews to take over. That was done. Since the 1950s, China and Russia and the USA have played “good-cop bad-cop”, adjusting their roles to fit and fool the particular populations of various countries. That’s been done throughout Africa, South America, and more.

      Trump (crypto-jew surrounded by known jews) said China made the “invisible enemy” “covid virus.” China said the USA made it. They’re both, of course, liars. No country has a sample of the supposed “virus” for honest scientists to check. Thus, we know, it does not exist.

      This is all too much for 95% of people who might read this whole comment. It turns life upside-down. It’s horrible. So, they reject it all and carry on living as sheep ruled by lying, parasitic, murderous wolves.

      Five percent can handle it. And then they make a further, correct, realization. And they stop demonizing our German cousins. They stop repeating the jews’ lies against the most honest, inventive, productive, and open population of Whites in modern history.

      I am Jim Laffrey. My website has a “CREDENTIALS” page I offer as a treasure of books and other documents that show my rise from ignorance to knowledge on all of this. Maybe a few readers will click and join Henry Ford, Gen. Patton, James Forrestal, Ezra Pound, Eustace Mullins, JB Campbell, Chuck Maltsby, Dr. Lorraine Day, myself, and others in knowing the Truth.


      To the adamantly ignorant fools: Go ahead and call me names. I have grown a thick skin.

      • Jim, interesting that you mentioned James Forrestal. As i heard he was pushed out of a window and murdered (he did not commit suicide). I used to watch a guy on YT, before he was banned and channel removed, who said he was his great-nephew (I believe) or something. Related in some way. TheGreatestTruthNeverTold aka Chris Duane. Big silver channel mostly. But he talked a lot about the history of monetary policy and US government, ‘conspiracies’, etc. The last video(s) he put up he mentioned the Jewish folks quite a bit… then BAM.

        I know very VERY little about Mr. Forrestal. Wikipedia (ha!) claims that after not wanting to support the establishment of the state of Israel, and being hostile towards Soviet-communism, and being let go of his position by Truman, his ‘mental health deteriorated’ and he became depressed, he just happened to ‘fall out of a window’ in a Navy Hospital.

        • Mr. L, it looked to me that Laffrey was strenuous in his efforts to distance himself from the rest of the epautos commentariat. In fact, his most inflammatory comments were directed to the commentariat, rather than toward the small-hat tribe that he was generally lambasting.

          At first I thought he was being way too defensive, but then alas, your comment sort of immediately validated his apprehension of imminent attack.

      • @ JLaffrey

        I agree with all that you said, like you and Eric I have been a Trump critic all along, in fact before he was elected Trump showed his true colors at his infamous AIPAC speech. He said he was America fist – ha! read the transcript:


        Why is it to be a prominent US politician you must go the the Wailing Wall first? Why are the Evangelicals so aligned with Israel when Israel did 911? Why is it that no one talks about this obvious and deadly subversion of our republic?

        Henry Ford new about the “problem” and wrote about it.


        So does UK author Andrew Carrington Hitchcock



        • Unfortunately, when the Jew demanded Ford’s tribute of service in World War Jew, Ford meekly complied, helping to brutally subjugate the hapless German people for the benefit of the very same “International” that he previously identified….

          Sooner or later, anyone with anything to lose will eventually bow to YHWH.

          • The borrower is servant to the lender, Free-Phi -That was Ford’s downfall- Worship money and ya have to end up kneeling before the original money worshipers.

            Add my name to the pile with JLaffrey and Yukon Jack too. The worldwide social control/brainwashing we have been seeing, without which their NWO could not be possible, is spewed from Hollywood- and no one in their right mind can deny who runs Hollywood.

            • Hi Nunzio.

              The Usual Suspects have tended to be over represented in banking and other such for a very, very long time. But lets not confuse the Dynasty and their Tribe, with the small hat clan in general. Also keep in mind that in a war of perception, battles need to be subtle. Especially in an age of mass/social media (overwhelmingly dominated by them). Once again, never allow the enemy to choose the time and place of battle.

          • Hi 37.

            Jarad and Ivanka are Israeli firsters. Trump is simply an opportunist and nationalist who had way too many bad advisors. Couple that with an ego the size of all out doors and you have many of his personal flaws. Mix in the deep state swamp that is Mordor on the Potomac, and the rest as they say is history.

      • JL, the caterwauling must cease and desist.

        No say A word.

        No say B word.

        No way C word.

        No say D word. Depression starts with D, banned.

        No say F word.

        No say G word.

        No say H word.

        You can say idiot, allowed.

        No say J word. The word ‘juice’ is also unmentionable.

        No say K word. Kill is a four letter word.

        Liquor begins with L, so must be the better letter than most.

        M words must be okay. Martin Luther didn’t have a high opinion of those evil wretched sinners.

        No say N word, you’ll get crucified.

        No say O word, Obama is the number one O word that should be banned forever.

        No say P word, we all know Biden has proven himself to be one priapism.

        No say Q word, except for quotient and quisling.

        No say R word, you’re a racist, that’s that.

        No say S word. Bullshit, anybody can say the S word.

        No say T word, udder is better.

        No say U word, untermenschen, those evil wretched sinners don’t like it, dass ist Verboten.

        No say V word.

        No say W word, nobody wants to hear another word from the World Economic Fucks. Special Operation substitutes just fine. The word ‘war’ is obsolete.

        No say X word, nobody knows why, must have something to do with sex, X is the sexiest letter ever.

        No say Y word, nobody knows why. Yiddish can’t be spoken, just the way it is.

        No Z word, Zionist is never mentioned, Rabbi Kook said so.

        It’s always about the tiny hats sticking their hooked noses into everybody’s bidness.

        Costs an arm and a leg.

        • ‘No say F word.’ — drumphish

          ‘Fuel,’ you mean?

          “Joe” agrees. Gasoline hit fi’ dollah a gallon retail today. Unleaded futures closed at a record high. Double plus ungood.

          Stocks puked ahead of tomorrow morning’s Consumer Price Index report: a fake-out, or did some mole in the Bureau of Labor Statistics leak the number to BlackRock, taking a cue from the Supreme Court’s smuggled Roe v Wade draft?

          Either way, shit’s gettin’ real.

  10. Started long before that. When the Soviet Union collapsed we never got our Peace Dividend. Oh sure, there were some budget meetings about getting rid of an aircraft carrier group or maybe a few old outdated submarines, but no massive drawdown, no closing of bases in Europe. The Pentagon was never converted over to a VA hospital, as we were told would happen after WW2.

    No disbanding of NATO.

    These guys were all in their 50s when the Berlin Wall came down. It’s hard to change careers when you’ve been on the front lines of the cold war all your life. Not only don’t you have many transferable skills, once you’ve been on the wire there’s no going back to the simple life. So instead of retiring and getting on with their lives, the agencies continued the hair-trigger alerts, the coordinated domination and military might. And, of course, the CIA and FBI. But without an enemy they had to invent one. Islam and gun nuts. The War On Drugz!™ “Uppity” blacks. Any excuse to bust some skulls and spend more money.

    • ‘No disbanding of NATO.’ — ReadyKilowatt

      In its mindless bureaucratic drive to expand, NATO has overdone it with 30 members.

      Now Turkey objects to Finland and Sweden joining, which would make 32 adherents.

      Turkey’s a thin reed to lean on. But both NATO and the EU will see more instances of countries using their veto to extract concessions, when unanimous assent is required.

      I’d be surprised if NATO is still around (in its current form) a decade from now. The wheels are falling off NATO’s clown car. But our hapless organ grinder’s monkey Stoltenberg lacks a lug wrench. So bad, so sad!

      • NATO reached its expiration date when the Berlin Wall came down; I imagine all the brass hats and bureaucrats had cold sweats thinking they might have to get actual jobs. Not to worry, the deep state security complex lied to Gorbachev to keep the grift going. Now I read they want to expand toward China as well. How does that jive with North ATLANTIC Treaty Organization?

      • Jim H the sales pitch for NATO has been that anyone who dares to mess with a member will get the whole load dumpped on them. The Taliban (if you believe the narrative) tested that, and how did that turn out? Where was the German military? What about the French? How many Portagese troops served?

        The one time that a NATO member was “attacked,” the members didn’t deliver.

        And what ever happened to the Taliban? Oh yea, they just got rearmed at US Taxpayer expense.

    • WTC Building 7 starred in a BBC ‘News’ clip around 5 pm on NahhhnLevven.

      An on-air personality was speaking from a tall building in midtown, with (unusually) the live, smoky cityscape of downtown visible behind her.

      ‘WTC Building 7 has collapsed,’ she announced — as it remained stubbornly visible right over her shoulder. ‘Yet it stands,’ Galileo might have said.

      Weird, huh? Where did she get that predictive ‘news’? From a mighty Wurlitzer? 🙂

  11. The FedGov has most always been heavily populated by the criminally insane. After 911, they went ballistic. The Patriot Act abandoned nearly all the principals, morals, and ethics this nation was founded upon. Your formerly protected natural rights were then directly attacked by the very government that was sworn to protect them. And the cancer spread. From TSA checkpoints to sobriety checkpoints, to asset forfeiture, to state surveillance, to state sponsored censorship, etc. And that’s not counting the hundreds of thousands killed, and the trillions of dollars spent attacking a number of nations that were NOT Saudi Arabia, where all the “terrorists” supposedly came from. I wish I could say that it was odd there being a Patriot Act already written up, that went for a vote almost immediately.
    All government is founded on assumption of authority to kill you if you don’t obey. Such does not attract the sane. It attracts the Psychopaths In Charge.


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