Heroes Arrest Former Heroes

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Police arrested numerous Vietnam veterans during a vigil at a war memorial in New York City last night after the protesters refused to adhere to a 10pm curfew.

The veterans had gathered at the Vietnam Memorial Plaza to protest the 12th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan by reading out the names of deceased US soldiers.

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  1. This is my first post in a few months on this site. I only mention that because I see the “maggots” section is still not getting 1/100 of the attention it deserves.

    The cops in this particular video just amaze the shit out of me. I’m trying to rationalize their behavior by putting myself in their shoes; but I didn’t know putting on a pair of shoes also means accepting uncle sam’s dick up my ass! 😛

    Maybe if these cops weren’t licking their lips thinking about how awesomely smart they are to side with the biggest gang known in human history (the american government. I would also like to note it is the biggest gang of fucking pussies history has ever seen. Most other pussy gangs only control small parts of the globe, this one controls the whole fucking thing! But hey, your gang doesn’t have the nuclear capability of destroying all human life on earth 100 times over so fuck you, right?) they would see that these veterans preaching about the suicide of their peers are absolutely correct! Someone please tell these cops that, currently, more military die every day of suicide then from the hands of “enemy” combatants.

    • Typo! The american government does not control the whole planet, but the people who operate it and the other puppet governments do. And that said, “we” are sure getting “our” asses handed to us by the “war on terror” aka the longest war “our” pussy american government has ever “fought”. (“fought” is in quotes because of course the government is not fighting this war, the sheeple are!)

      Now sing it with me!
      …..And I’m proooooouuuuud to be an Ameeeeriiicaaaaaan! Where at least I know I’m freeeeeeeee! And I won’t forget the men who died, who gave that right to meeeeee!

    • Jacob wrote, “more military die every day of suicide then from the hands of “enemy” combatants.”

      Yeah, I noticed that too.
      A terrible thing for sure.
      No way out?

      …Or, as a sister to one of those said to me, ‘suicide’ is term they write down when they whack one of their own who won’t follow immoral orders, or go along to get along in the killing spree. How often such happens, we have no way of knowing.

      Also, I admire your ability to not post. Countless times I fail at that.
      And then there’s blog entries like this, it leaves me speechless. Maybe that’s what happens to others?

      • @Roth – A few are getting the reality that the military foot soldiers are nothing more than proletariat fodder and are throwaways. Forced multiple tours of duty, and forced mind soothing drugs until used up is the ticket today. Now they are even spitting out the Generals who refuse to play with Satan’s children. The power masters have always used them that way, while psyching out the public with shiny badges, metals and patches. The pay is low, the mangled bodies of the survivors are real and we have to donate extra to organizations to get them any benefits and care. All for the bankers profit.

        Lets not even talk about 1.5 million dead Iraqi adults and children, that the Ministry of Truth ban from discussion in this country. I’ll just bet that they didn’t even know where the Twin Towers were in a city they could not find on a map. All for the bankers profit.

        That is how I view the fawning that the congress gave to the murders of Miriam Carey. Only given to them because the cops were protecting their perverted fat asses. But make no mistake, those same congress rats would send the same cops up the river if they presented any media problems to THEM (I have personal experience in that special kind of hell). All for the bankers and politicians profit.

        • Redemption?

          When I was young, I thought this was the devils music. That I should fear it. Avoid it.
          Now that I’m aware, I know it’s the truth, hidden from everyone by the Power Elite, as best they can:

          Black Sabbath – War Pigs

          My old friend, who was a medic in vietnam during the war. He told me of the horrors there.
          So few did.
          So many preferred to gloss it all over, or worse, say nothing.
          Garysco, your comment seemed accurate to me.

          • @Roth – Most Nam vets are willingly in denial. It is easier that way. They remember hanoi Jane and coming home to eggs and insults.

          • Most Nam vets are willingly in denial?

            That’s a shame.

            I’ve met several who are not.

            They shaped my perspective. …It’s like I know much of what they know. …Without the blood and guts.

            Denial can be invisible.
            Maybe that’s why they do it?

          • RE: “3 minutes of truth if you decode the words.”

            That’s weird how they experience it, without the blood and guts, yet they come out seeing things so much different than I do, …maybe it’s all due to the story teller?

            Yes, I think that’s it. Empathy is the missing element. That, and something else? … Blood and guts? Yes, that’s it too.

            Empathy, and blood and guts have been removed from the equation.

            It’s like saying you’ve killed a deer, but it only happened on a video. It’s-Just-Not-The-Same.

          • @ Roth – Two quick examples.

            #1 – I drink coffee with a USMC Forced Recon paratrooper that did bad things in Cambodia (politically off-limits during the war) and a navy Seal / diver-medic who picked off humans with a 50 cal from a Huey helicopter when not picking up downed pilots and the dead and almost dead from firefights. That is what was expected of them and they did their patriotic duty. Now they realize it was all for the corporations and bankers, not for freedom and democracy. But to this day it is easier to play the part of returning war veteran then to protest or act on the lies they were told.

            Two years ago I rode my motorcycle across the country from Los Angeles to Washington DC ( rftw.org ) with about 700 veterans and civilians. Now in its 26’th year of asking Congress and the President to finish the POW/MIA thing in Viet Nam. To this day both political bodies just shine them on. Everyone knows it was all BS, having nothing to do with suppressing Communism or what we were told at the time. During the ride, which is very emotional whether you are a vet or not, the common daily greeting between each other is “welcome home bro”. That is because it never happened from the country and/ or the politicians who sent them there.

            Now-a-days the real purpose of the ride is to make sure any returning veteran never gets that shitty treatment for doing their duty, no matter what the politicians real purpose was for sending them to war. Most know, but are not willing to go against the heard, that the war on terror is the same damn thing. I think that is because it is psychologically easier to live the lie in their older years. Follow the money.

          • @ Roth – said “That’s weird how they experience it, without the blood and guts, yet they come out seeing things so much different than I do, …maybe it’s all due to the story teller?”

            Not to belabor the topic, but..
            John Fogerty / CCR is the voice of the vets in song.

            Whoa, thought it was a nightmare,
            Lo, it’s all so true,
            They told me, “Don’t go walkin’ slow
            ‘Cause Devil’s on the loose.”

            Better run through the jungle,
            Better run through the jungle,
            Better run through the jungle,
            Woa, Don’t look back to see.

            Thought I heard a rumblin’
            Callin’ to my name,
            Two hundred million guns are loaded
            Satan cries, “Take aim!”


            Over on the mountain
            Thunder magic spoke,
            “Let the people know my wisdom,
            Fill the land with smoke.”

            “200,000,000 guns are loaded, Satan cries they came” refers to the people of the USA at the time.

            “Thunder magic spoke..fill the land with smoke” refers to the AC-47 Spooky gunship was nicknamed “Puff the Magic Dragon”, after the song. The North Vietnamese had named the AC-47 the “Dragon” or “Dragon ship” because of its armament and firepower – the nickname soon caught on, and the American troops began to call the AC-47 “Puff the Magic Dragon”.


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