Sunday, July 3, 2022
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Anarchy Works!

"Anarchy" is one of those words that many people react to emotionally - having been conditioned to do so. The word has become generally synonymous with chaos and disorder. Dog eat dog. As EPautos' king...

Putting the Blame Where it Doesn’t Belong

In a strange take on William Burrough’s famous quip about gun control advocates - who want to take guns away from people who haven’t shot anyone - lawyers for explode-in-your-face air...

It Did What it Was Written to Do

A great many people - especially conservatives - reverence the Constitution, consider that it has been abused and that if only the doctrines expressed within were revived and respected, all would...

Tire Tyranny

If you've gone to get new tires recently, you may have already dealt with the latest outcropping of technocratic busybodyism: The scanning of your car's electronic ear tag, its Vehicle Identification...

A Step Back Toward Peace Keeping

I grew up in an America with cops in the background. Most people - being not criminals - had almost no interaction with them and when they did it was generally...

Hands Up!

You have probably seen crowds of people with their hands up - a protest meme over police trigger-happiness. Apparently, it has been taken literally ... by the other side. As hallucinatory as this may...

Now Nothing Is Off The Table

Tomorrow - the Fourth of July - should be considered a national day of mourning. Having affirmed the constitutionality of Obamacare - that is, of the federal government's asserted authority not...

Fixing Their Wagon

People are frustrated - and want to know what they can do. It gets old merely talking. They - our oppressors - don't care how much we talk. Perhaps then it is...

Takata Air Bags Bad… Government Air Bags Good!

Probably the most interesting thing about the (can't help myself) exploding Takata air bag scandal is the doublethink it exposes. On the one hand, we are told - in the literal/parental sense...

Mandatory In-Car Breathalyzers by 2020?

Drunk driving checkpoints presume you're drunk until you demonstrate otherwise to the satisfaction of a cop. In about five years - maybe sooner - your car may take over that job. NHTSA - the...
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