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Mandatory In-Car Breathalyzers by 2020?

Drunk driving checkpoints presume you're drunk until you demonstrate otherwise to the satisfaction of a cop. In about five years - maybe sooner - your car may take over that job. NHTSA - the...

‘Lil Stinker Won… But Government is Winning

'Lil Stinker - my restored '75 Kawasaki S1 "triple" - won an award at the big Ruritan car (and bike and tractor) show held yesterday. That's the good news - for...

Will You Submit & Obey?

In New York, we have a prequel of what's to come - the repeal of the Second Amendment and summary criminalization of peaceful citizens merely for possessing the means of self-defense,...

Takata Air Bags Bad… Government Air Bags Good!

Probably the most interesting thing about the (can't help myself) exploding Takata air bag scandal is the doublethink it exposes. On the one hand, we are told - in the literal/parental sense...

Why They Will Lose This Time

A reader - several readers - express their sense of hopelessness. That 1930s Germany is replaying itself out right before our eyes - and that most Americans either don't see it...

Thoughts From a Libertarian Perspective About Saint Trayvon

The one-sided racialism and non-thought I hear endlessly about Saint Trayvon is literally boggling. We’re supposed to accept that Zimmerman was a hater of blacks despite all the evidence to the contrary...

GM’s $9,800 Car . . . The One We’re Not Allowed to Buy

How much is the EPA and DOT costing you? One way to quantify this is to consider a car GM builds - but which you can't buy. Well, not unless you move...

The Fraus Abide

More on Obamacare - the "health care" crisis in general. Yesterday, my father-in-law arrived from Oklahoma. He'll be spending a week or so with us. Upon arriving, he asked us to look...

Support The Troops?

I'd like to - and would - if "the troops" were actually defending "our freedoms" - rather than stomping the freedoms of people across the globe. Us included, I hasten to...

Emasculation as Policy

It's not so much that they want your guns. It's your manhood they're really after. I mean this in a generic way, mind. It applies equally to men and women. They...
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