Heroes “Getting Tired” of Being Ambushed; “Gets Old”

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Of course, we’re getting tired of being ambushed, too.

But the heroes don’t care about that.



  1. Here is what the people are tired of! LEO murders white 19 year old boy over 1/3rd of an ounce of weed.

    As long as the police continues to murder people then who gives a shit about their whining? Like Eric says, they aren’t concerned when normal every day people are ambushed by THEM! That is what really is getting OLD! When was the last time someone got to kill anyone they wanted and get away with it? Oh yeah, the police do all the time. F’em, F’em all!



  2. eric, more bs from our illustrious(sic)Lt. Gov. Patrick who wants no mention of bad caps but of course, plenty focus on anyone else committing a crime. Nah, he’s not duplicitous, not just a little bit….

    I noticed an article on the same page you posted describing occifers getting killed with hand implements by mobs in Nepal over not getting a new Constitution. Of course the author only spoke with “official sources”……the country’s top cop and abuser I suspect.


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